With Eyezen Start, Essilor wants to impose a new reference on the market of unifocal

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"We want to gradually expand the Eyezen range to make it a true pillar in the single-vision market and thus make this brand, the benchmark of the segment as Varilux for progressive lenses," said Marie-Aude Lemaire Motel, Director marketing and communication of Essilor France, during a press conference.

In this perspective, the French glass maker launches from January 8th a unifocal glass named Eyezen Start. "We created it based on Essilor Advans lenses," explains the glassmaker.

New technology to optimize vision

Aimed at all non-presbyopic, adult and child wearers (weak and strong corrections), Eyezen Start is based on the already existing technology called wavefront control: reducing higher order aberrations to improve the quality of vision from afar. The result is a contrast gain of up to 30% (better distinction of objects in their environment as well as a better perception of textures, details and colors).


But Eyezen Start incorporates a new technology Eyezen Dualoptim to optimize vision close up. Objective: better correct carriers at all distances of use. "We relied on 2 points of reference in distance vision and near vision to recalculate the glass. This new calculation will benefit the entire surface of the glass and reduce power and astigmatism, "says Essilor.

All the everyday situations and the different postures were taken into account by the R & D teams. According to internal measurements, the wearer gains up to 60% reduction in power and astigmatism in near vision (spheres -4 to +4 D and cylinder less than or equal to 2 D) compared to a glass standard.

Sales aids will soon be available to opticians to promote the product in store.

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<h3>Same range of manufacture as Essilor Eyezen Boost</h3>
<p>Eyezen Start offers HD vision in all viewing directions, optimal comfort both in far vision and near vision and protection against the harmful blue light screens with Crizal Prevencia and Eye Protect System material. This new glass will be available from January 8 in indices 1,5 – 1,591 – 1,6 and 1,67. </p>
<p>Eyezen Start must be controlled in far vision (centering cross positioned in full pupil – deviation VL, note). Its price: 2 euros more per glass compared to standard unifocal.</p>
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<p>Eyezen Start completes the Essilor Eyezen glass, now renamed Eyezen Boost, designed to relieve the accommodative efforts and reduce the visual fatigue of highly connected wearers.</p>
<p>As a reminder, it comes in 4 different profiles depending on the age of the wearer: Eyezen Inital 0.4 for 18-34 years, Eyezen Active 0.6 for 35-39 years, Eyezen Active + 0.85 for 40-44 years and Eyezen Expert 1.1 for 45 and 50 years old.</p>
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