Why a phygital strategy makes sense?

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Why a phygital strategy makes sense?

In addition to its digital strategy, opening a physical store or partnering with a distributor makes sense for more proximity, credibility and commitment with its customers.

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Could the hyper digitization sought by brands be nuanced by a horizon more and more turned towards the human experience? "Placing the meeting at the center of the game, improving the product experience and the customer experience through a physical store is clearly an added value for a brand that settles", poses Valérie Piotte, General Manager at Altavia Cosmic. So when theCasper bedding brand in the United States opens a "nap shop" in the heart of New York, than Sézane is betting to offer its collections in limited stock in a "showroom" type apartment or that the digital brand of furnishing Miliboo opens a digital store with keynote coaching sessionsthe need to live an experience acts as a new breath. "We must come up with a value proposition in store on the notions of exchanges, additional services, live product demonstration in particular"continues Valérie Piotte. Revolutionize phygital through a cross-channel experience – e-shop, pop-up stores and corners in multi-brand shops -, boosted by a strong desire for co-creation, visibility, proximity and credibility is gaining ground. But where to start ?

The pop-up store to … attract the light

To try to find a place in the sun, the pop-up store is one of the most accessible and profitable levers to create your community and make it grow. The Bar with Buckles, which combines hairdressing and sales of curly, frizzy and frizzy hair products, has been able to grow its three pop-up stores between June 2018 and January 2019: "The word of mouth and the contents of some bloggers allowed me to generate the first contacts. A shop, even ephemeral boosts the credibility of the project and sales online"says founder Morgane Brisson, the founder. The seven weeks of pop-up generated a total of 349 appointments hairstyles and 906 product sales.

If launching your own product remains a balancing act, to realize it under the lap of a group facilitates its implementation. So, the brand of Italian olive oil Costa d'Oro in France could count on Lesieur (group April) and an envelope of one million euros to make its first steps on the French market in April 2019. "To reach French homes, we will rely on a campaign of influence and TV, but also promotions, to obtain after one year of marketing 1.5 point of penetration. And become within 7 to 10 years the second leading brand behind Huget ", details Fabien Razac, marketing director of Lesieur.

Distribution networks for … visibility

Recognized for its pop-up stores emerging in national malls around many concepts (hat bar, sock tavern, payotte napkins and the latest come the backpack), Cabaïa has been invited to 18 Monoprix points of sale (Paris, Avignon, Nantes, Grenoble, etc.) in March 2019. Strongly present on social networks thanks to its offbeat tone, this digital native has seen a way to "attract 30-50 years". "Being at Monoprix, where the natural flow is strong is a guarantee of notoriety", says Emilien Foirest, marketing director of Cabaïa.

The conquest of new horizons is also the – new – motto of the pure player Panda Tea. While 95% of sales in the world of tea are made in physical shops, the eco-friendly tea brand has been selected by the Casino Group to start a partnership in 50 Franprix stores. Dynamic at will on Instagram, the DNVB which claims a million euros of turnover in 2019 for 3 million bags sold and reconciled online and offline since early 2019. "After investing in advertising and digital influence, we decided to go beyond physics to gain notoriety, turnover and especially to refine our model. Our goal is to move towards a concept that could be consumed locally ", summarizes Alexandre Ali, co-founder of Panda Tea.

Create your shop to … enrich the customer experience

Creating exchange and user-friendliness are the parameters that lead previously exclusive digital brands to seize the opportunity to enter the "real world". Dusting the image of the traditional wine cellar by enriching the customer experience is the No.1 argument of the Petit Ballon to diversify its model of box of wine on subscription. In 2018, the brand opened a digital store in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, an ideal way to get closer to subscribers and attract new customers. A variation of the first store located near the station Saint-Lazare, born in 2014, but which was primarily intended to house the offices of the start-up. "We wanted to respond to new uses to create a link with customers in the catchment area and have a logistic base to deliver all customers as quickly as possible.If a person wants a bottle within the hour, we must respond to this immediacy "Martin Ohannessian, co-founder of Le Petit Ballon. With 100,000 subscribers, 1.5 million bottles shipped in 2018, Le Petit Ballon aims for even stronger growth, via this establishment in the heart of a family and commercial district: "This shop serves as loyalty, showcase, place of life, but online remains our No. 1 channel and concentrates 90% of our turnover"concludes Martin Ohannessian.

Other brands have made the bet to open a point of sale, such as online mattress specialist Tediber and his concept "The nightclub by Tediber" or, again, the concept of Deejo custom knife. If you can always order your pocket knife onlinee, being guided in a few clicks, since November 27, 2018, the curious can now venture into the Parisian shop in the Marais, but also order their precious sesame with the voice, via the mobile site e-commerce disjoe. fr. Distributed by a network of resellers (Nature and Discoveries, The Camper), Deejo ventured on another path, more tortuous and risky but certainly more attractive: "We need to make the brand live more, by putting the human at the center of the game and with a place where our products live"explains Luc Foin, co-founder of Deejo. A communication tool more than a desire to generate a precise turnover: "By word-of-mouth, social networks, we are betting on bringing foreign visitors, and we want to attract interest."he concludes. Ready to throw yourself in the big bath?

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