Which platform to choose to launch your mobile application

1.432 billion smartphones. It depends IDC the number of smartphones that were sold in 2015 worldwide. Suffice to say that smartphones are on the rise right now …

If you are a company wanting to launch applications for your services, or a contractor wanting to create an application to make money, you have to take into account some parameters. One of the most frequently asked questions from entrepreneurs is whether to start with Android or iOS when you start designing your application.

Considering that many other people would be in this case, I decided to provide answers to your questions through this article. However, I would like to point out that it is not definitive, and that market figures are the result of my observation of the mobile market.

The idea of ​​launching your business application or a third-party application to earn money touches you for a while now? You are not wrong, because the figures provided by the Gartner Institute give a positive view of this booming market.

Gartner says that in 2013, 102 billion apps were downloaded from different stores around the world for $ 26 billion in revenue. For 2017, Gartner predicts 268 billion downloads for a turnover of 86 billion billion. We can therefore estimate that 2016 figures will probably be 180 billion downloads for a turnover of 45 billion dollars.

All this predicts that the prospect of growth in this market is positive. So what are the criteria to consider if you want to get started?

Why launch on iOS?

Profitability assured

The general observation has always been that the iPhone is used by the richest users. So, these are more likely to spend money on apps compared to Android users. How is it possible ?

There are two explanations:

  • 13.5 % of apps on the App Store pay only for 1.3% for Android, leaving the apple far ahead;
  • 1.48€ is the average price of Apple's apps against 2.80€ at Android.

This explains why launching your application on iOS will ensure you can make money. We can also remember that Apple has paid more than 2.51 billion euros to the application developers while this amount is only 178 million at Google.

Developed and rich markets

If you have decided to launch your application in a developed country like USA, England, Germany or other big countries, the choice to iOS is the best thing to do. These are countries where the typical user can buy an iPhone without blushing and that he feels in line with his standard of living.

Generally, these are people who have an income of over $ 3,000 a month. Buying a $ 600 phone does not cost them an arm. In addition, these users are more likely to buy apps on the App Store. Since they have already released $ 600 to buy an iPhone, buying $ 2 apps is no longer a problem for them.

However, the Google user is more turned to free applications and most users come from poor, emerging countries. In addition, they do not have the financial means to buy applications, or the appropriate payment tools such as bank cards and credit cards.

In conclusion, if you want to monetize your application through direct app sales or in-app purchase, you need to launch your app on iOS.

Why go for Android?

Market shares

Let's first look at this very revealing graph of market trends.


The main image that strikes is this ultra dominance of Android in the global smartphone market. Thus, you could develop an application on Android if you aim for a wide and massive adoption of your application.

Android has a 82.1% market share, far ahead of Apple's iOS. According to figures IDC, Android is installed on 1.8 billion devices, Apple iOS 463 million and Windows phone 45 million. You do not need a doctorate to understand where to go if you are targeting the critical mass of users.

The market segment

The other reason to get started on Android is to be able to meet the expectations of the market segment you are targeting. Android is popular in poor countries and emerging markets like India, China, South America, Asia and more recently Africa. You could get started easily if you target that target. However, another variable takes its place: monetization.

Advertising sales and the Freemium model

In case you develop your application to earn money, and you chose the remuneration by advertising, Android will be fine. Its large user base can allow you to start monetizing your application.

Taking into account that Android users rarely buy applications, the sale of advertising may very well suit you. Similarly, if you plan to use the Freemium model as a basis for monetization, Android will be fine, because you can test the interest that really your application in your audience.

In conclusion

Getting started in the mobile application business is one of the most promising things you can do today. The market is booming and the outlook is positive.

And to answer the initial question, the choice of a platform will largely depend on the market you are targeting and the monetization methods you have considered. There is no proper upper or lower platform, depending on what you are aiming for. In both cases, whether you decide to go on Android or iOS, there is no doubt that you will find a solid user base. Only one condition is necessary: ​​that your application is useful, practical and stable.

So what is your favorite platform? Which will make you millionaire according to you? We can not wait to read you!