What you need to know about the RED by SFR package at 10 euros with 10, 30 GB or 40 GB of Internet

Guide updated on February 21, 2019 with the network coverage indices, the "new" Internet envelopes now offered by SFR on its non-RED commitment branch and the integration of the Youboox service.

By multiplying promotions, Altice's non-binding operator is still the most aggressive on non-binding mobile plans. Red by SFR is even engaged in a small marketing game to better capture new subscribers, multiply promotions and waves of extensions. And this is his flagship proposal, the package to 10 euros per month is the most regularly discounted.

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Waiting for the right moment to subscribe

"Usually", the unlimited RED offer includes 1 GB of data, but in fact, the package is rarely accompanied by this envelope. And when it is, it is to better legitimize a passage "exceptional" to 10, 30 or 40 GB of data. This is the main subtlety of this package, a bucket of data fluctuating with promotions. The quantity of data included in the offer must therefore condition the choice of the future customer. Also, when the RED Unlimited package includes 1 GB of data, we recommend that you wait a few weeks for it to be "enriched" and has an envelope of at least 20 GB.

No limit of duration

A "patience" that will be rewarded because the SFR RED Unlimited offer is marketed as "valid for life". Understand that the price as the envelope included Internet will not change after one year as it is sometimes the use on the promotions of the operators without engagement.

Enjoy the no obligation

Because remember that this is a non-binding offer leaving more flexibility to subscribers to switch from one offer to another by following the promotions. To subscribe to the offer while keeping its phone number, you will need to get your RIO by dialing 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO is recovered, the new operator will take care of the portability of your number.


The concept of unlimited is now well established among our French operators and we find naturally on offers without commitments, which have much more "low-cost". In the case of our RED to 10 €, the subscriber will benefit from unlimited calls / SMS / MMS to fixed and mobile in France and DOM (excluding Mayotte).

Note that since the end of 2018, RED by SFR offers free access to the Youboox service to access digital "thousands of books" online or offline. This usually paid service will be graceful until June 30, 2019 and then automatically terminated.

The subtleties of use

In the short lines, we read that it will not exceed 3 hours max per call and that this limit is actually limited to 200 different recipients per month. Similarly, if you manage to exceed the very comfortable envelope of 10 or 30 GB of data (depending on the promotion), the flow will not be limited but you will have to opt for refilled charges 2 € 100 MB, in the limit 4 refills. It is then blocked.

Recall that modem use (sharing the 4G connection to a PC or tablet for example) is allowed, as the peer to peer.

And the cover?

According to the latest 4G Monitor score (testing of connections made by subscribers of various operators) in the last quarter of 2018, SFR is credited with an average download speed of 27.2 Mb / s and 9 Mb / s. On the hedge, Arcep credits SFR with 98% coverage of the population in 4G (tied with Orange and Bouygues) and 81% of the hexagonal territory, on the surface (ahead of Bouygues at 80% but behind Orange at 86%).

And for the foreigner?

The RED Unlimited package includes 4 GB of additional data to be used from the European Union and the overseas departments, beyond which the data will be charged 0.007 € / MB. From these destinations, the subscribers of this package will also have unlimited calls / SMS / MMS (maximum 3 hours per call and limited to 200 different recipients per month).

Should we go there?

SFR's Unlimited RED offer scores on fundamentals, solid 4G coverage, unrestricted offers, unlimited voice / sms / mms and a very comfortable data envelope for metropolitan France. The 4GB of data and unlimited calling / SMS / mms for Europe will cover the needs of holidaymakers, professionals traveling very regularly on the old continent will however be more cramped. It should also be kept in mind that this package is not blocked and that it will be necessary to opt for refills in case of overrun. When it includes 30 or even 40 GB of data, competition is often hard to align and this package is undeniably a good plan.

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