What about Targeted Marketing on Facebook?

By deploying the appropriate strategy on Facebook, the results are really at the rendezvous: leads, targeted visitors to its website, collection of emails, sales … |
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Since its launch in February 2004, the social network Facebook has fueled many fantasies. The history and DNA of this community platform has propelled nearly 2 billion "members" into a new dimension, that of a "numerically social" life. A true means of communication, Facebook is now an integral part of our habits, our habits, and worse, our reflexes.

Friends, family, colleagues, fleeting encounters, we no longer ask for the phone number, but a "friend request". Beyond these sociological considerations, Facebook is especially a huge directory where, every minute, millions of people deposit personal data. These are a real Ali Baba cave for brands and marketing 2.0 experts.

Some key figures as a reminder

  • 1.93 billion monthly active users (of which 1.74 billion on mobile)

  • 716 million are in Asia

  • 354 million are in Europe

33 million are in France (including 22 million on mobile)

  • $ 10 billion in profits in 2016

  • 240 billion photos (350 million are added every day)

  • 46% of active members use Facebook during their shopping session

Flagship economic model: advertising

In the hope that you did not give in when discovering the annual profit of Facebook (versus IKEA and its $ 4.2 billion, Google and its $ 19 billion, Michelin – flagship hexagonal – and its $ 1.66 billion 'euros, …), know that advertising revenues represent 90% of turnover. No wonder, but did you expect such a proportion?

While some protagonists could doubt the economic model of "FB" … probably they also would not have believed in Google, Airbnb, Apple or BitCoin? In any case, the basic idea is simplistic: members disclose their data which is used to offer them ultra-targeted advertising.

Marketing campaign on Facebook, a child's game?

With such "data", hard to miss his advertising campaigns, right? However, it is not a mechanics as simple to use. Just try to create a campaign to realize the multitude of options and other possibilities.

Being able to target is good, targeting with accuracy is better (especially not to burn your budget in 2 hours)! To date, several experts have specialized in the field and their lights can clearly make the difference (9 out of 10 campaigns are far from optimized).

Advertising on Facebook: How to put all the chances on your side?

  • The "Business Manager" tool is your friend: no more privacy (no need to go through your personal profile), less distraction (your news feed is "hidden"), centralization of all key data (gain of time)
  • Do not use the option "boost your publication": as emphasized by this expert (Bastien Bricout), this option will only serve to fill the boxes of Facebook! Impossible to know its target, its age, its mode of connection (mobile? Desktop?), … Better to opt for a campaign in due form, namely via the Business Manager (CQFD)
  • Create as many ads as segments. Indeed, too many campaigns only run with 1 or 2 commercials …. As much to throw the money by the windows! In itself, it is necessary to know all the subtleties of your targets in order to propose adverts that challenge (elementary, but so rarely applied …)
  • Use the "pixel" tracking, a must ! This is a real spy who will track conversions, the sacrosanct retargeting and optimization of each ad.
  • Use the EdgeRank wisely. The heart of Facebook, this algorithm determines the visible publications and the result is amazing (not to write anything else) since only 10% of publications appear on the news feed of your target! In other words, it is necessary to analyze the periods and the contents (among others) which involve reactions to boost (in a relevant way this time) your ren-ta-bi-li-té!

In short, here are some keys to allow you to optimize your visibility on Facebook. With the right strategy, the results are really at the rendezvous (leads, targeted visitors to their website, collection of emails, sales, …)!