Webedia: gaming experiences at the service of advertising

The Webedia Group, the leading French media group dedicated to online entertainment and entertainment, is experimenting with new formats that combine the power of display format coverage on the Group's sites with marketing games designed by its specialized subsidiary Adictiz.

Webedia that attracts 30 million unique visitors per month on its portal presents, through its Webedia Brand Solutions entity, a new offer that combines the power of display advertising with marketing games designed and run for more than 10 years by its specialized subsidiary Adictiz.

Dedicated to media, display, content and influence proposals with brands and their media agencies, Webedia Brand Solutions has developed "Playable Boost, a new advertising solution integrating a gaming experience within the premium display sites of the Group's sites (AlloCiné, jeuxvideo.com, Millennium, 750g, Purepeople, Purebreak, Puremédias, Terrafemina …) Through these "playable" formats, Webedia Brand Solutions intends to propose an engaging and powerful alternative to traditional digital advertising.


In a context where Internet users are exposed on average to more than 1200 digital advertising messages each day, the marketing game represents a non-intrusive advertising alternative and an ultra-engaging experience for the benefit of brands.

Founded in 2009, Adictiz, a specialist in marketing game issues, joined the Webedia group in April 2018. Thanks to a self-managed platform (SaaS) and customized solutions, its technology enables brands to use the dynamics of online marketing. game as levers of commitment and conversion, to measure the concrete results.


These "playable" formats are integrated on premium advertising slots – desktop and interstitial desktop and mobile keypads – and boost the marketing performance of campaigns, in terms of time, click-through rates, and conversions.

The "Playable Boost" offer is divided into four options, optimized around specific performance indicators:

  • The Playable Views offer, which responds to a branding logic, and maximizes the volume of advertising impressions and the time spent
  • Playable Clic offering, optimized for traffic creation and maximizes clicks and referrals to branded digital media
  • The Playable Lead offer, dedicated to the collection of prospects and maximizes the recruitment of qualified profiles
  • The Playable App offering, which aims to maximize the number of mobile application downloads