Valentine's Day has boost the appellation

With a name like "Saint-Amour", it's hard for the producers of this Beaujolais cru to spend next to Valentine's Day … That's why, for about twenty years now, the winemakers of the appellation, in the moment of this holiday, launch a publicity campaign around this holiday. This is reflected in the publication of posters, brochures and sets of tables, made available to wine growers and professionals, wine merchants and restaurant owners.

Result of the races: every year, around February 14th, sales of this Beaujolais cr are experiencing a " peak ". " It's a special moment to talk about our cr, bears witness Denis Barbelet, former president of the ODG Saint-Amour the initiative of this promotion action. But even if it corresponds to a moment of the year when it is put forward, Saint-Amour sells all the year "Insists this one.

But more than on the volumes sold, the Valentine's day will have especially for this "small" Beaujolais, a direct impact on its " notoriety »:« We are now known as Moulin Wind or Fleurie and we are the best-selling Beaujolais vintage on the market. says, proudly, the winemaker. Valentine's Day has very quickly helped boost the name, to make it known, with a demand that is not weakening.

The town hall also plays the game. It has specialized in ceremonies of "wedding confirmations". Ten of them are famous this Saturday, February 14, 2015. Love will also be at the heart (note: this is the case to say …) of the "Feast of Beaujolais crus," organized next April. Taking place in the village of Saint-Amour, the organizing committee wishes to enter the "Guiness book" by breaking the record for the largest number of wedding confirmations. 1,000 couples are invited to be "confirmed" …. So, those interested, your keyboards! The registration opening date is tomorrow, the day of Valentine's Day …

The appellation Saint-Amour is one of the smallest Beaujolais. There are about fifty winegrowers for 319 hectares of vineyards of Gamay, located in the northernmost part of Beaujolais. According to the union, nearly a quarter of the production is being processed on February 14th.

Credit photo: AOC Saint-Amour, poster said in 2015 for Valentine's Day