Trouble with your revisions? Tips to boost your memory –

Historical dates, math formulas, philosophy quotes …: during revisions, your memory is put to the test. Here are some memorization techniques.


Make your creativity work

When your brain loses attention during revisions, being creative can help you focus. To do this, you can try to coloring mandalas. Inspired by India and Tibet, these variously shaped drawings represent the place of man in the Universe and help the body and mind to relax. Websites like Free Mandala or Mandalarbre allow to download. Once printed, you will only have to fill them as you wish. To work on his creativity, one trick is to print the same mandala twice and to color it differently.

Listen to music

Can you listen to music by reviewing your lessons? The answer depends on your tastes, your ability to concentrate … but perhaps also the subject matter you are reviewing. According to a study conducted in 2013 by a British scientific institute in collaboration with the music streaming application Spotify, the music would help you concentrate and learn your lessons. But be careful, not any music. Slower than the others, classical music would be better suited to solving problems … so, maths.

On the contrary, pop and rock would work especially for creative subjects, such as arts or languages. From this observation, Spotify has created playlists "maths", "science" or "english" on its application. The best way to check if this scientific study holds, is to test by downloading the free version of Spotify, valid for 30 days. Then a monthly subscription is offered at 9.99 €.

Play sports

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Surprising as it may seem, sport is a good way to strengthen your concentration and ability to memorize your lessons. If you do not have the opportunity to register for sports at the university, sites and Youtube channels will allow you to escape revisions and keep you in shape. Dance, cardio or muscle building, the D8 Gym Direct show offers more than 300 videos half an hour each. Sure the ilosport site of the Team brand, You'll also find plenty of tips and testimonials to follow your fitness program from home without paying a dime. If you are afraid of giving in to the call of laziness, it is best to stall your half-hour sports in your cramming program, between revisions of history and English. And especially, do not forget to go out walking a few minutes: it will oxygenate your brain.


Relax with games

You read a math formula for 10 minutes without being able to memorize it? It may be time to relax with a game. The internet is full of free games sites. On the Mind Games site, several memory games will make your brain work while having fun. With the application of the game Scrabble, you will work your visual memorization. The Télé 7 Jeux website gives you access to hundreds of different word game grids that will allow you toenrich your vocabulary. Finally, know that the game of chess also develops the memory. Visit the Lichess website. These sites require a simple registration.

Develop your concentration

By overhauling, you get upset and your ability to focus on your classes decreases. Yet, during exams, it is important to take care of your body and mind. Relaxation techniques like yoga or sophrology will help you achieve this without paying a dime.

Young certified yoga teacher, Ariane provides educational videos on her website and YouTube channel, Yoga Coaching. She explains exactly how to relax your muscles and feel better. Sophrology, meanwhile, is a method to relax your body, help breathe and think positively. To test it, sophrologist Delphine Bourdet publishes her videos on the YouTube channel. With 10 minutes of exercise a day, you will eliminate negative thoughts and become more able to memorize your course.


Build mental maps

If, while reciting your lessons, you imagine the pages of your notebook or your cards, then you have a visual memory. To promote this memorization, you can try the method of mental maps, also called "cards heuristics". Chapters, subchapters … the idea is to summarize the outline of your course in a diagram. Freemind or are some of the free tools that will help you create your own maps, step by step. Starting from the main idea, the theme of the course, you create new ideas, the different big points and so on. To schematize the relations between the notions will facilitate your reasoning and the memorization of your chapter.

Use mnemonic means

Admit it, "But where is Ornicar?" Has saved you several times during your checks, has not it? Yes, mnemonic means are a good tip to hold your classes. To use them, two solutions: the first is to create your own tips, the second to to inspire you with those that already exist. The site Je retiens gathers memorization tips in about twenty topics (history, mathematics, literature …). You will not have any problem to locate the American cities or the four rivers of Russia. Participatory site, you can propose your own mnemonics.

Read novels

When you prepare your exams, you sometimes read the same information for several hours.

To rest your brain, it is important to read something other than your lessons. A few pages a day will stimulate your imagination and your ability to focus on what you are learning. Lionel Davoust is a writer of fantasy and thrillers. On his official website, you can freely download some of his news. On the Feedbooks site, you will also find thousands of free downloadable literary treasures. Then you can read them on a reading light or on your computer screen, using software like Caliber.