To boost Siri, Apple changes its manager

Bill Stasior, head of development of Siri since 2012, has changed positions at Apple, reports The Information which does not reveal its new mission. According to the news site, it would be John Giannandrea, recruited in April 2018 by the Cupertino company, who would be solely responsible for developing the voice assistant.

A spawn of AI to catch up with Siri?

Before coming to Apple, John Giannandrea was the head of Artificial Intelligence and Research at Google. Just months after his arrival, Apple has entrusted him with the direction of the structure dedicated to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Before Bill Stasior's departure, John Giannandrea was already taking care of the development teams at Siri and Core ML, a framework that Apple has opened to third parties, and through which developers can integrate machine learning models driven by their applications.

As proof of its importance, John Giannandrea is one of the company's 16 senior executives who report directly to Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. With this spawn of artificial intelligence, Apple hopes to attract new talent. But John Giannandrea will especially have to fill a gap pointed by professionals in the sector. Unlike Google, Facebook or Amazon, Apple does not have the same gigantic mass of data to train and improve its algorithms. This weakness is reflected in the level of relevance of Siri's answers. Will John Giannandrea be able to breathe new life into Siri's development division?