Tik Tok found the foolproof method for members to post videos

The preferred social network for people under 16 challenges Internet users to feed the platform. His secret? Weekly challenges that delight young videographers. They compete inventiveness and creativity to become the favorites on the app. Small selection of the best challenges.

You still do not know Tik Tok? That's a shame. Because if you want to become an influencer, it is on this new social network that it happens. And be careful, warm in front, it will have to show you creative. To stand out on the platform, the safest is to participate in the weekly challenge offered by the official account in the form of hashtag and become the best. These challenges are available by following the @globalchallenge certified account on the app, accompanied by a few lines of explanation and, sometimes, the promise of an enticing lot.

And it's very clever for the app to encourage young people around the world to post their videos. Because, it's the perfect time for its most influential members to get noticed by using their creativity and, for others, to gain a chance to increase their number of followers and likes. By the way, it puts a boost to connections. This new form of battle – benevolent overall, it must be emphasized – is based on the relentless mechanics of the good old competition. It's a lot like Lotto: 100% of the winners have tried their luck.

In early 2018, Tik Tok was the most downloaded application in the world, styling at the Facebook post (it's for old people), Snapchat or Instagram. The app claims 500 million monthly users, mostly in Asia from where Tik Tok originated. In France, there are some 2.5 million subscribers.

Challenge yourself while singing

The application is a mix of Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram. You make your own little short videos in playback mode and, most importantly, you can see the others. For those who remember the Club Dorothée or Mickey Mouse Club, we are not very far. You choose a song in a vast and varied musical repertoire (from Drake to Calvin Harris to Yannick Noah). Once the song is chosen, it is possible to apply filters or speed effects, much like Snapchat. Free to members to broadcast their video in public or private mode.

Francinfo played the game with the song Djadja d'Aya Nakamura (and it's very funny)

To get started, here is a maelstrom of the most successful challenges.

"Hide and Seek Challenge"

The goal ? Disappear and then reappear unexpectedly on the screen.

"Do not Judge Me Challenge"

The goal ? To show oneself in one's worst day, then one's best to prove that appearances do not count (but that one is still better made up than full of acne).

Halloween Battle

"Halloween is the time of year when real people reveal themselves," says the app, while urging members to post their videos, make-up and disguise. With a lot of light effects, users are having a great time.

Whistle Challenge

Probably one of those who left us the most puzzled … before we take the game. If you do not know how to dance, this challenge is for you. It's about creating a choreography with your ten fingers. Do not be fooled by appearances, it's not as simple as it sounds.

«LightSpace challenge»

No need to dance this time, but to play with the "Light Space" feature of the app that shows neon forms in the environment of the user.

The "A" Challenge "

Do you know the piece Bum Bum Tam Tam (What, you do not know Bum Bum Tam Tam)? This hit that counts more than 1 billion views on YouTube is punctuated by the "A" MC Fioti. The goal ? Use the vowel in a humorous way.

It's your turn !

Photo credit: Hector Dnl on his Youtube channel