this game has nothing to do with Apex Legends but takes advantage of its success

The success of Apex Legends has resulted in increased sales of Apex Construct, a VR game that has nothing to do with the Royal Battle.

The success of Apex Legends made an unexpected happy: the Fast Travel Games studio saw the Steam page of its VR game, Apex Construct, " register an increase of 4,000% of its visits ". This is explained by the marketing director, Andreas Juliusson, in a Reddit publication of February 15. This is not a clever maneuver using the name of the royal battle, but a happy coincidence Apex Construct was released March 20, 2018. The latter has nothing to do with the production of Respawn Entertainment: it staged a solo adventure where the player must face robots with a bow and solve puzzles.

Fast Travel Games had fun with "the effect Apex Legends " sure Twitter, but the studio should not expect a drastic increase in sales. That's what happened, as Andreas Juliusson explains: " The oddest thing is that we sold more units of Apex Construct in China in the last seven days than during the whole of 2018 ". A boost that had to do good to the small structure, especially since their game is not a Free-to-Play it costs 29.99 euros. The publication on Reddit still specifies that it is " likely that these units will be repaid ". In all cases, Apex Construct has made a pretty pub in recent days.

The flip side

Fast Travel Games could totally enjoy advertising … if it was good. Apex Construct on Steam was torpedoed by disgruntled players. According to Andreas Juliusson, " there were many negative reviews from Chinese buyers who felt they had been scammed when we did not do anything wrong ". It seems that some have only lingered on the name of the game, without paying attention to very different visuals of VR production. And for good reason: the opportunity was too good, Apex Legends not yet available in China. Fortunately for the small studio, Steam was quick to clean and the page is rid of harmful comments.

Can you differentiate the two games? We, yes // Source: Apex Legends / Apex Construct

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