the state will accompany Martinique in its transformation

Eight months before the change of status of Martinique, François Hollande encouraged Saturday the elected Martinique in their desire to find a new model of development focused on Caribbean regional cooperation. State "will accompany loyally, sincerely, faithfully"Martinique in its transformation on January 1, 2016 into a unique collectivity with a special status with an assembly and a collegiate executive"by putting administrative and regulatory means".

Increase the action of ultramarine communities

"I asked the government to publish without delay the latest application texts that are still missing"In the face of the demands of a new development model expressed by the President of the Region and Deputy Serge Letchimy (related to PS), Mr. Hollande said that"the Republic must translate the trust that it gives to the elected representatives so that they represent it to the States of the region and to the regional organizationsHe has, in this regard, announced the revision of an old law of orientation, dating back fifteen years, which limits the scope for "to increase the action of ultramarine communities in diplomatic action".

Facilitate inter-Caribbean movements

This is the meaning of the bill that has just been tabled on the desk of the National Assembly by Mr. Letchimy and that "the government will support", said the president.The community will be allowed to sign agreements with neighboring states in their area of ​​competence", added Mr. Hollande, who wants to" facilitate all inter-Caribbean movements with a policy of visa and welcoming talents that takes into account the reality of your presence "in the Caribbean.For the Head of State, the new development model is to invent: "I wish the establishment of a committee between the State and the community that will come out of the polls"next December to watch"skill blocks by skill blocks, experiments by experiments what we can do".

Two IUTs in Guadeloupe and Martinique

Referring to the case of the University of the West Indies, the President of the Republic insisted on the necessary "union between Guadeloupe and Martinique"before announcing the creation of two IUTs, one in each island." The president had opened his remarks with a lighter tone, stressing to be "came with four women ministers, four overseas ministers: George Pau-Langevin, Martinique by his mother, Guadeloupe by his father, Christiane Taubira, Guyanese but especially Keeper of the Seals, Annick Girardin, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and Ségolène Royal which made me believe for a long time that she was from MartiniqueThe former 2007 presidential candidate had a long ovation and sparked an unusual fervor at her 2007 Caribbean campaign meetings.

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