The recipes of the "instabrand" Girls in Paris, Digital Marketing

business case
The lingerie brand Girls In Paris communicates primarily on the social network Instagram, without ever paying sponsored advertising. A clever process to make yourself known and make a successful launch.

Launching a brand on Instagram is a risky gamble that has paid off for Raphaële Four. At the end of 2014, this 30-year-old entrepreneur launched with her team Girls In Paris. A lingerie brand that targets young active women and adopts an accessible positioning. "Our sets cost between 39 and 45 euros, says the founder. We built our concept around a fair price premise and we only do neither sales nor promotions. "

This bias detonates in the world of lingerie. Right from the start, Raphaële Four relied on the social network for sharing photographs to publicize her brand and her online sales site. "Instagram is a very qualitative tool on which there is still little publicity, the young woman enthuses. The publications touch many people by capillarity, which allows to quickly create a community. "

Acquire brand awareness at low cost

In just over a year, Girls In Paris has federated 36,000 members without spending a penny in sponsored ads. Previous e-commerce site experience of multi-brand lingerie had scalded the team. The amount of contact acquisition costs on Google ended up jeopardizing the financial balance of the project. "This time, I invested the little money we had in the production of content rather than in its promotion", admits this former ESCP Europe who spends his marketing budget with photographers and models to carry out product shoots. "Our communication moves away from the clichés of the world of lingerie with the atmosphere of boudoirs and lascivious breaks to inspire codes of ready-to-wear and streetwear", She continues. Betting on Instagram has changed the game in terms of organization. "Impossible to launch a collection by season, you have to take out a new line every six weeks to maintain the interest of the public "she assures. A constraint that also has its benefits: the designer always gets the reactions and community opinion about these products within 72 hours following the publication, which allows to adjust the shot in case of missteps.

Make customers ambassadors

If the communication of the brand is very mastered on Instagram, it coexists with the publications of fans. The young women who wear the products photograph themselves in their environment by questioning the brand. "We regularly share their contributions. They are often posted "à l'arrache" but bring an essential authenticity capital to the brand ", insists Raphaële Four. To encourage this initiative, the Girls In Paris team sends each order a sticker with the colors of the mark bearing the first name of the client. A technique appreciated, if we judge the number of photos of fans who take the visual element.

The brand also invites some clients to shoot sessions. For a few hours, fourteen young women played the model. "They have every type of morphology. We have selected them on their attitude and their smile, says the entrepreneur. We invited them individually to our premises to drink a coffee and to engage in an interview before taking a picture. "

The influencer relay

So many initiatives that bring word of mouth to the fullest. On the other hand, for a brand born on the social networks, Girls In Paris resorts little to the influencers. "We can not afford to work with the larger ones, who are asking for too much money, book Raphaële Four. But we are sending more and more products to others. " Because when these influencers talk about its brand, they generate new subscribers. An essential practice not to work in a closed circle.