The Paris Green Fund makes its first investment

A year after its launch, the green investment fund created at the initiative of the City of Paris takes action. The "Paris Green Fund" announces Friday that it has made its first acquisition of 5.5 million euros in a company in the Paris region, Hesus. This operation is part of a larger fundraising effort of € 10 million, which also concerns the company's current shareholders (Construction Venture and Audacia).

1.5 million tons

land was managed by Hesus in 2018, ie 50 barges.

Hesus intervenes as an intermediary in the construction site recycling market via a digital trading platform. Its customers are builders and construction companies that have the obligation to give a second life to these raw materials or to clean up.

Chantiers du Grand Paris

A profile that sticks with the objectives of Paris Green Fund. At the beginning of 2018, the city council selected Demeter, the green development capital company, to set up a fund to invest in SMEs in the green transition phase, which is already in a strong growth phase and is already profitable. " We have already raised 150 million euros and aim 200 million end of June ", Announces Stéphane Villecroze, founding partner of Demeter Partner.

With 10 years of experience, Hesus (35 employees) has generated 25 million euros in revenue in 2018, up 40%, and claims to earn money. Another advantage compared to the fund's objective of promoting ecological transition in the Paris region, the company is well positioned on the countless sites of Greater Paris. " That's a quarter of our business "Says Emmanuel Cazeneuve, founder of the company.

The entrepreneur says he has especially favored this fund over other candidates to benefit from the Paris brand he offers. " It will give us a boost very important for us to develop internationally. Stéphane Villecroze confirms that he has been able to attract major investors such as Bpifrance, Pro BTP, Aviva and Engie thanks to the presence of the community.

Harder rules

With this new money, Hesus plans to double its workforce in three years, recruit more experienced profiles and invest in marketing. The challenge: to position oneself on the European market which will reach 10 billion euros after 2020 with the European tightening of the rules of land recycling.

The fund is now trading other holdings to reach the expected rate of 4-5 annual 10-year records. " We see files on waste management, innovative mobility, energy savings ", Illustrates Emmanuel Grégoire. The Mayor's first deputy assures that this fund should yield 15% profitability to the community but that the goal is to create a leverage effect: " Our commitment of 15 million euros causes 150 million investment ".

Matthew Quiret