The minute CV: which colors to choose?

When writing your resume, there are many things to look after like content, layout, photo, or colors. What do they mean? Why put in your CV? Pauline Lahary's answers, from our partner MyCVFactory.

What colors for my CV? This is a decisive question because, when used properly, they contribute to a positive image of your profile to the recruiter. Think about it carefully. Do not put colors that do not look like you and pay attention to the ones you choose. Beware of tastings… Here are some tips to help you make your choices.

Twitter blue or mustard yellow

Blue is trendy! Color of the action, the movement, the summer, it illuminates a profile. Several nuances are available to you: the blue Twitter, a duller blue, or a dark blue … The possible variations are numerous. Feel free to choose yours and customize it.

You can also use yellow, or mustard yellow ! Be careful with colors too pale, because a light yellow quickly becomes invisible. Always print your resume to view the result on paper! It is an interesting color, super stimulating, radiant and that illuminates your profile. With a nice photo, you have a CV without fault!

Passion red and toned orange

Red and orange are two energizing colors. The Red, contrary to what one might think, is a good color for a resume. Red, the color of passion, is stimulating. It's a color that immediately raises a profile. Feel free to use it in professions such as banking, finance, engineering.

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The orange, color of tone, goes very well with the profiles in communication and marketing. She also inspires a notion of trust, and gives an impression of impulse. These two colors are perfect for brightening up a profile, but they are pretty stark. Do not put everywhere, be discreet with these colors that have fishing!

Green apple and green brown

The green does not necessarily come to mind for a resume, but it can be interesting. It is a fashionable color, quite trendy: a apple green, which combines with gray colors or moles, is very pretty. But here too, as for the yellow, be careful not to choose a green too light that imprints badly. The green is perfect for real estate professions, ecology. It's a very nice color.

The brown is necessarily to marry with a color a little more energizinglike the rose. It can be a good approach for agriculture profiles, for example.

Grenadine rose and spring violet

Pink is the color that is needed for the business of events, communication and marketing. But beware, not a sweet pink, too girly, too little girl … Be mature enough on the choice of color: adopt a flashy pink, grenadine, farting, that really gives a real boost to your resume.

Purple is a very springy color. It's perfect for summer jobs. If you are applying as a florist, in clothing or textiles … Note that it is to combine with a rather dark gray.

And the black and white …?

Last tip: do not combine white and black. The result is necessarily a little bit too much contrast.

Pay attention to the marriage of colors on your CV and avoid mistakes of taste. Always combine two colors that harmonize. And of course, no more than two colors on a resume! After the eyes get lost, your resume becomes unreadable, or too aggressive, and the circulation of the gaze is totally disturbed.


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