The halal consumer conjugates in the plural


  • + 5.6%: the change in the value of halal meat products, to € 130.6 million

  • + 6.8%: the evolution in value of the halal grocery store, to 38 M €

  • + 8.7%: the evolution in value of frozen halal, to 64.7 M €

Source: IRI, CAM at 25/02/18, total France, HM + SM + EDMP + proxi + e-commerce

  • 75% of Halal consumers are satisfied with the configuration of the halal and oriental products (+ 11 points vs 2014)

Various profiles Typology of buyers of halal and oriental products and monthly amount of their halal food expenses:

  • 27% of "prefamilles" (couples or single people under 35 years without children) = monthly food expenditure of 238 €

  • 24% of "growing families" (families with at least one child aged 6 to 11) = € 403

  • 19% of "young families" (families with children under 6 years old) = € 322

  • 19% of "established families" (families with children at least 11 years old) = 380 €

  • 7% of "postfamilies" (couples or monofoyers without children with at least one member between 35 and 54) = 324 €

  • 4% of "elderly families" (couples or monofoyers at least one member over 55 without children) = 268 €

This year again, Ramadan, set from May 15 to June 14, will mark an intense commercial activity. As a prelude, Solis Source: Solis / Horizons shoppers 2018 survey conducted between March 5 and March 26, 2018 on a sample of 991 people aged 18 to 64 years.publishes Horizons Shoppers 2018, the latest one from 2014. "We have isolated six types of families with very different consumption behaviors," says Abbas Bendali, director of Solis Conseil. Overall, these shoppers are younger and urban than the average French, hence a more pronounced taste for innovation and variety. This is an attractive target for marketing managers. "

Bahri Ouzariah, General Manager of Oriental Viandes, summarizes the situation: "The halal shopper is mosaic, with the three generations of the same family: the 75-year-old grandmother, her 50-year-old daughter with her teenagers, her child 20 year old girl who starts to cook. "

Each household has its budget – the average level of food expenditure is € 324 – and its buying habits. Four types of families are of particular interest to manufacturers and distributors. "Established families", whose children are all over 11 years old. They spend more than the average (380 € per month) to buy bouillons cubes, sodas identity, fermented milk, couscous … in hard discount and in the traditional network.

Constantly innovate

The other three typologies have taken their habits in supermarkets. These are the "growing families", with children aged 6 to 11, whose budget of 403 € per month is devoted to sausages, sauces, sweets and other baby food jars. The "young families", whose children are under 6, share the same food tastes, even if their budget is more modest: 322 € monthly. Finally, the "prefamilles", young couples and singles, under 35 years old, spend € 238 per month in cooked dishes, frozen foods, cold sauces …

To be certain of attracting a wide audience, manufacturers are extending their ranges with innovations. Boosted by demographics and the transfer of purchases from the traditional network to supermarkets, the halal market, which mainly concerns meat and certified sweets, is becoming protean. It includes so-called oriental products (groceries, drinks …) that do not need certification.

The heavyweight remains the charcuterie, which weighs 130.6 million euros with growth of 5.6%. The three leading brands are all in the green: Isla Délice (39.9% market share in value, + 11.3%), Reghalal (10.7%, + 3.2%) and Fleury Michon (10, 6%, + 8.6%). Other categories such as frozen or sweet groceries are very dynamic because of the desire of Muslims to vary the menus. "Today, many consumer trends intersect: greed – the salt-free does not find takers – practicality and choice. This explains why our recipes are more and more elaborate, "says Cécile Van der Zyppe, marketing director at Isla Délice.

In this spirit, the SME is inspired by fastfood recipes, with two offers in the frozen department: Chicken Tenders, or Beef Meat guaranteed 100% pure beef. A reference in direct competition with Oriental Viandes, which highlights an Irish Angus minced beef, a breed of cattle that has become famous for its lightly marbled meat.

Competition on frozen food should intensify. Reghalal, the brand of the LDC group that celebrates ten years, this spring invests the category with breadcrumbs: blue cordon and turkey nuggets, as well as mozzarella sticks. In fact, snacking, a more nomadic, improvised and festive consumption is in the air. History of breaking the routine, young urban and active offer ready-made products: bricks, slices or minced chicken …

Reconcile Halal and AB

In the wake of conventional, manufacturers ensure work on organic. Domaines Pierre Chavin highlight Opia, a drink made from unfermented and organic grape juice and certified halal. It should appeal to Muslims as well as pregnant women, the elderly, abstinent … "We have developed a drink that, without being a wine clone, has a good aromatic profile, ensures Mathilde Boulachin, CEO of Domaines Pierre Chavin. We first launched it on our site. Sales have taken off, showing that there is demand. Given these good performances, buyers have changed their vision. Today market players are ready. "

Will Opia remain an exception? Most manufacturers say they try to reconcile the halal and AB specifications on the delicate issue of animal welfare during slaughter. Bahri Ouzariah is adamant: "To propose an organic offer seems to us indispensable. We are currently working on the establishment of a halal certified organic sector. "

In the meantime, distributors have organized their department. Certainly, some manufacturers point to the proliferation of references. This is the case of Cécile Van der Zypp: "Many small brands are me too that bring no added value. They complicate the readability of the charcuterie ray. Signs have tested a large number of SMEs to identify those that perform. They are starting to clean up, because there are breaks on Saturdays when there are rushes on products that have strong rotations. "

The Solis study shows a strong improvement in the perception of shoppers: 71% of respondents assure that halal and oriental products are located in the same radius (an increase of 12 points compared to 2014). As a result: 75% are satisfied with this configuration. This finding is up 11 points from the previous study.

"Brands such as Carrefour, Auchan and some E. Leclerc have successfully pursued proactive strategies," concludes Abbas Bendali. However, there is room for improvement. Consumers surveyed want more promotions and, for some, more halal and oriental products in drives. "

Reghalal heals his recipes

The brand LDC group signs a variety of poultry sausages with olives, evidence of its desire to sophisticated products.

Pierre Chavin bet on Opia

A clean label, an original brand: Opia is a soft drink, organic and halal guarantee by Domaines Pierre Chavin in Beziers.

Isla Délice targets young people

With its frozen chicken fillet Tender, Isla Délice counts seduce the young generation. Twenty minutes in the oven are enough to prepare it.

Oriental meats plays snacking

The SME highlights its poultry mousse or turkey cheese club-cheese chives for a young audience follower of catered products consumed on the go.

Easy cooking with Milia

Haudecœur highlights under the brand name Milia seven recipes mix: pancakes thousand holes, shortbread of Orient, Algerian breads … It is enough to mix the preparation with water or oil, to knead and to cook.

Haudecœur celebrates Ramadan

Ramadan is an opportunity to boost sales. Haudecœur designed this ark to present some of its brands ?: Dari, Jumbo, Milia.