"The four years spent in Bangkok have boosted my career in France"

"My adventure began in July 2014. Freshly graduated I decided to go to South-East Asia, a continent I already knew to have done all my internships, especially in Indonesia and Thailand. I was convinced that only a departure could open doors to more attractive professional opportunities.

Everything went very fast! As soon as the suitcases were set, I took off regular marketing development assignments as a freelancer for a leading real estate company in its market. The missions were chained until it turned into a full-time job marketing manager, an experience rich in learning and discovery!

"Back to France without breaking with the international"

After this experience in Bangkok, and despite the excellent quality of life that Thailand offers, France began to miss me. Especially since initially I had not planned to extend what was originally a long professional stay.

Want to come home, yes! But it was essential for me to keep an international dimension! So I started to put myself on standby and check the job offers on my school website, an initiative and a timing that paid off because I got a new position in 2 months, and , even before leaving the Asian continent.

As soon as I returned to France, I took up my position in the position I currently hold, as head of large export account within the world leader in cotton products. I work on a portfolio of about thirty clients, mainly located in Asia and the Middle East. My last business trips are: Seoul, Jordan, Dubai and Abu Dabit. Travel abroad represents 30% of my time with an average frequency of 2 trips per quarter, trips that allow to stay connected with the needs of customers and the specificities of each market.

A career catalyst

By the end of my studies, I would not have been able to claim my current position because of its international reach. The labor market in Europe suffers from a paradox: professionals generally trust experienced executives who are less inclined to travel for family reasons, while young graduates who are more willing to travel are not solicited. To live these years at the rhythm of Bangkok will have been a catalyst of career, as well as a cultural and human enrichment!

From beginner to finish English, my expatriation allowed me to work now in English on a daily basis. And for me, as for many French expatriates, Asia has opened doors for us in terms of recruitment. I advise graduates who want to build an international career to dare this leap to the unknown! "