The agri-food sector will not escape its uberisation

Agri-food companies are also seeing new disruptive players coming to take their share of the market ...

Like other sectors of activity that have been experiencing younger, more digital and more agile competitors in recent years, agribusiness companies are seeing new disruptive players come to take their share of the market.

Indeed, "ubers" of the food are born every day in France and abroad, they implant themselves locally and prove sales mechanisms in emerging and promising markets.

The "behemoths" of the agri-food industry must now develop with these new players who upset their habits and their know-how.

Directly in the consumer's plate

The most visible part of the iceberg is the introduction of short circuits that allows consumers to no longer go through the box supermarket. Whether it is the local and direct sale by the producer or through networks (The AMAP, The Hive that says Yes, …), the system of distribution of fresh products directly from end customers without going through intermediaries was strongly developed in recent years.

Some retail players are trying to join the locavore movement by proposing to highlight local producers in their supermarkets but this always adds a financial margin on products to the detriment of producers and consumers.

Brands lacking innovation

When a brand launches a new range of products in supermarkets, one product out of two comes out of the shelves after six months and two thirds after one year, which confirms a lack of pragmatic innovation within French agro-food structures.

They must now innovate both externally and internally, by identifying the "nuggets" food that are born every day internationally.

Innovative food producers

Producers guarantee their development mainly through innovation. Whether in terms of revenue, packaging or production methods, innovation is the only guarantee of developing their ranges and their turnover.

These innovations prove most often at the local level and often require the support of a larger structure in order to develop them at the national level or for export.

Uncover the food "nuggets" of tomorrow

Agribusiness companies must therefore open up to a new way of innovating by monitoring successful international experiences.

This requires a new organization because to obtain the first of these "nuggets" it is necessary to set up new tools and methods.

It is now essential to carry out "big data" analysis which allows to monitor daily thousands of sites that offer new products (media, blogs, e-commerce site, …), to build participatory community networks that allow end-users around the world to put together qualified information and generate a participative network of producers internationally.

With this whistleblower system, each French brand can then continue to develop its product lines based on the successes discovered at the time of their outbreaks.

Without this new approach, they will continue to slowly lose market share and wake up too late as the SNCF face the increasing emergence of carpooling.

Author: Sylvain Zaffaroni, Co-founder COOK INNOV SAS


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