soon a BOOST range with a programmable R2D2!

The LEGO group continues its collaboration with Lucasfilm and proposes a new kit allowing young and old to build their own droid and to program it and then pilot it with the help of his smartphone.

LEGO just announced this Saturday, May 4th, on the occasion of Star Wars Day, a new range of toys which also has a pedagogical aim.

Droids to build and fly

The kit BOOST Droid Commander allows children as their parents fans of the galactic saga to build their own robot. Three characters will be available in the box: Gonk Droid, Mouse Droid and the famous R2-D2.

Once the 1117 parts, motors and sensors are assembled in the right order, following the different stages of construction, users will be able to give life to their toys using LEGO BOOST technology. The latter is an interface of programming simplified drag-and-drop that offers many possibilities for interaction, with 40 missions and adventures available.

The droids will then be controllable from a smartphone or tablet via a application available for free on iOS and Android. A connection Bluetooth ensures the connection between the two devices.

An educational toy to train aspiring future developers

For LEGO Marketing Director Julia Goldin, this range of toys inspired by one of the world's most popular franchises is also a tool to educate children to become the most popular developers computer science of tomorrow.

" By introducing LEGO BOOST and creative coding into the LEGO Star Wars galaxy, children now have the chance to develop the 21st century's essential skills while immersing themselves in the amazing world of Droid Commanders. Our children will solve the problems of tomorrow and these skills will be essential to help them meet the challenges of the future. "She says in a statement.

Range LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander will be available on store shelves from September 1st at a price around 200 €. They will be one of the first derivatives to accompany the exit of Star Wars: The Ascension of Skywalker, the last episode of the saga in the cinema on the screens on December 18th.