Seven principles to boost your career, according to Steve Jobs

Chance has a part in the success, but by very precise actions it is conceivable to provoke it. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, has long inspired marketing and communication. It can also give keys to apply to succeed professionally. This is what Carmine Gallo's book teaches us, "The Secrets of Innovation by Steve Jobs: 7 Principles for Alternative Thinking" (Paperback, 2011).

1. Do what you love

Well-being at work has become a key element of professional success. For a company, retaining its resources is essential to promote its employer brand.

As more and more of them set up corporate universities and targeted coaching to help them progress, the balance between private and professional life has become a critical element in stabilizing the workforce. and attract new talent.

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To progress, one must be able to correctly identify one's skills in order to express them fully and thus take advantage of one's main strengths. To move forward, it is essential to be in an environment that encourages the desire to go further.

2. Open a gap in the universe

Each professional sector has a multitude of ways to express itself and bring innovative ideas to the company. It is by sharing with peers, using the strengths of collaborative modes and by focusing on innovations that opportunities arise.

Today, a multitude of tools are available to allow this constructive escape that opens new doors. In a few clicks, it is possible to move faster. It is by reclaiming concepts, imagining new ideas that the following happen. The more connections to the external world, the more abundance arises.

3. Stimulate your brain

By confronting peers, trying to bring even a stone to the building, responsiveness increases rapidly. Through multiple nodes, the digital matrices of connections bring an infinity of solutions that must be treated pragmatically.

By thinking of new ideas, by expressing them to test them, by challenging them, it is conceivable to think differently and to try to leave the frame.

Innovation is made of rule changes and questioning. A career must be carried out always thinking of the next shot, looking at what others are doing is a great way to learn.

4. Sell dreams, not products

Professional social networks have become essential ways to make one's skills visible. Thanks to these digital windows, it is possible by keywords to direct research and guide them inexorably to his profile.

In the modern digital world, it has become risky to live in hiding, because the vagaries of crises and a career that no one is safe. Professional life is no longer a quiet river. Personal branding allows everyone to know better attract and is a kind of life insurance.

5. Say "no" a thousand times if necessary

Expressing your opinion, advancing projects, are excellent ways to value your expertise and to make it recognized. Professional life is made of choice. The way to express ideas internally and externally has become an indispensable tool to master.

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The professional environment is also made of a relationship management that must always be understood in the short, medium and long term. Learning to be respected and to be appreciated is an essential baggage to go further.

6. Give your customers an experience

All work, whether it is directly related to the customers or in the support functions, must always be directed towards an additional and qualitative service brought to the customers of the company. It is sometimes difficult to understand the real needs of the company's customers or the peculiarities of an unknown sector.

In a career, opportunities must be seized to change lanes and move into the client sector to better understand them. Once this learning is done, a return is always possible and can trigger a different understanding of the mechanisms involved.

7. Spread your message

Mastering the art of communication is a key to progress essential to the digital age where everything is heard and everything is heard. All professionals should be trained to know the basics and it is through use that it is possible to progress.

There is a multiplicity of easy solutions to practice expressing oneself and gradually revealing one's expertise. Companies are looking for more and more ambassadors who send back a positive image through their interventions and their writings.

Entering a positive communication cycle can be extremely beneficial for both parties. In this era of ultra communication, everyone becomes a passing node that allows the signals to be multiplied.

Alban Jarry is a financial and insurer, specialist in digital strategies

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