Rexona: Moment Marketing or the impact of the drive to store on sales in superstores!

Back to the Rexona case, awarded at Night of the Kings 2019 in the Connected Commerce & Drive To Store category, accompanied by S4M and Mindshare agencies.

Measuring the direct impact of an advertisement on the sales of a product is a real challenge for brands. This problem is all the more complex for products sold in supermarkets for which the simple incremental traffic measurement in-store can not suffice to demonstrate the advertising impact on turnover.

Rexona's campaign approach was based on an unparalleled Moment Marketing strategy and real-time measurement of the impact of the campaign on brand sales in retail stores.

The brand used Moment Marketing techniques, using the highlights of the consumer day to adapt its message and reflect the brand's promise: provide long-term protection at any time of the day

The creative message delivered to the user was customized based on the time of day, location and applications he viewed.

More than 60 creative messages have been created around 7 different themes:

The drive to store campaign had an unprecedented impact on the brand's revenue:

  • a + 11% gain on sales of the product in stores in the city exposed to the countryside
  • with a breakdown of + 9% for the men's product and + 12% for the women's version.
  • an advertising message that also boosted all sales of the brand, with a + 6% increase for its other products in the stores exposed to the campaign versus the non-exposed.
  • a strong engagement of the audience with the advertising message, with click-through rates of up to 3.96% and target coverage of 58.5% *.

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