Planet Sushi wants to put the franchise back at the heart of its business plan

Planet Sushi has led an ambitious transformation plan to rethink its business model, while remaining true to its history.

A pioneer in the fusion food market in 1998, Planet Sushi has democratized the sushi offering in France. Twenty years later, the network can still rely on a strong brand and solid fundamentals. But to adapt to a market that has changed significantly in recent years, especially on the subject of delivery, Planet Sushi had to make some adjustments and start conquest.

First pillar of change, a new concept store that should be unveiled in Paris before the show Franchise Expo Paris, in which the brand will make a comeback next March. Starting from the DNA of the brand, Planet Sushi has designed a new concept with very contemporary and refined codes and now focuses on a fast casual self-service offer, to consume on-site or take away or delivery via our teams integrated deliverers or by an aggregator. " We have turned table service into on-site self-service even though, to date, delivery still accounts for 60% of our turnover "Says Alexandre Maizoué, CEO of Planet Sushi. The brand's website has also become a real merchant site and the loyalty program has also been redesigned.

On the supply side, Planet Sushi is launching a new card by tightening the product line and highlighting limited edition signature recipes. More accessible in terms of price, this new offer should be able to allow the banner to be attractive on all the distribution channels and to put a foot in the flow zones.

The franchise to accelerate the growth of the brand

At the head of 50 restaurants, of which 19 are branches and 31 are franchisedPlanet Sushi has lost nearly 8% of its units in the last three years. The goal is to reverse this trend by putting the franchise at the heart of the company's project. " We are thinking of selling our branches because we want put the franchisee at the heart of our project and position them as ambassadors of the brand. Ten openings or transformations are planned this year, then twenty a year from 2020 to double size by 2022. "The potential for development in Paris is great because there are still a dozen points of sale to open. " We come to the Franchise Expo with a strong message by opening our first franchises in Paris which has never existed in the history of the chain and with major provincial cities to conquer such as Montpellier, Rennes, Nantes, Strasbourg …"

The observatory recommends:


Leader in France of catering

Contribution 300 000 €

In the office

Pubs and Brasserie Anglosaxon

Contribution 350 000 €

Memphis (Coffee)

American dinner restaurant 1950s, 1960s

Contribution 40 000 €

A marketing plan boosted by a partnership with the TV show Top Chef was also developed. " This will allow us to develop exclusive offers, products worked with program managers and to highlight our website where this offer will be exclusively distributed. "
The chain also worked in R & D working on a restaurant mechanization plan. " Tomorrow, all cuts will be done upstream in laboratories in Rungis with perfectly calibrated products, in addition to an automation of the kitchens. This will allow us to attack new markets in somewhat smaller cities such as Chantilly where we are located in April and on travel retail offers. "

The duty free sushi market in France

Experts estimate at around 300 the number of chain restaurants in France and 3,000 independent restaurants.
There are few sushi chains developed in France. Among them, we find:

Planet Sushi
Personal contribution: 100,000 euros
Global investment: NC

Sushi Shop
Personal contribution: 150 000 euros
Global investment: NC

Sushi side
Personal contribution: 60 000 euros
Global investment: 150 to 200 000 euros


Personal contribution: 120,000 euros
Global investment: NC

Sushi Spirit
Personal contribution: NC
Global investment: NC

Lady Sushi
Personal contribution: 20,000 euros
Global investment: 75 to 120,000 euros

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