Payote puts on the sneaker with an offbeat spirit, Marketing and Sales

+ VIDEO // The Catalan brand has relied on storytelling to create buzz around its canvas shoes. Design, humor, made in France and especially social networks, Payote has sold 50,000 copies in three years.

Do you know many people who use the hashtag espadrille? When you want to launch a product like Payote, everything is to be done!
" Three years after the creation of the brand, Olivier Gelly is undeniably on the right track: more than 17,000 followers on Facebook, nearly 12,000 on Instagram and 50,000 pairs of espadrilles elapsed.

Convince a distributor

Ex-salesman in a ready-to-wear shop in downtown Perpignan, the entrepreneur started from scratch. His conviction? It is enough to give this tricolor heritage pillar a fresh twist and to accompany it with a good "storytelling" to make it a product trendy. After some sketches and the fabrication of a prototype at the Megam factory, located in Mauléon (64), Olivier Gelly sells his car to finance the manufacture of 500 pairs.

A first range of 15 models that he stages on social networks. "
Everyday, I published a post. The idea was not to sell a simple product but to create a concept with emotion
" He said. "Noëlle", "Pierre", he baptizes the models with the names of his relatives, giving meaning to the designs. "
Internet users reacted by claiming models to their name
" he recalls. Very quickly, his Facebook account attracts 5,000 followers.

Olivier Gelly sold his car to finance the manufacturing of the first 500 pairs of Payote sneakers.
– Payote

Sell ​​on the Internet

His online communication challenges the distributor E. Leclerc and the store in Perpignan bought him all of his stock. But the entrepreneur is aware, to ensure a good margin, he needs favor direct sales. "
I started collecting on KissKissBankBank to finance our website. This campaign, thanks to which we raised 8,000 euros, also helped to reach the media
" He explains. The frosts are approaching. How to talk about a summer product in the middle of winter? Olivier Gelly draws a model in the colors of Christmas and brings up in the shopping mall of E. Leclerc a fir tree of eight meters consisting of 500 pairs of Payote. "
Everything has been sold in 10 days
" continues Olivier Gelly.

Treat the customer experience

After the launch of its website in March 2017, the entrepreneur takes care to maintain the link with his aficionados by answering himself hundreds of messages posted on social networks. "
It was a monster job to answer requests for advice, but I love it
" He says.

– Payotte

Payote decides to go upmarket by improving its quality and looking after his customer experience. The entrepreneur detects a recurring need among consumers: how solve bad odor problems ? He decided to create, in collaboration with a laboratory of Montpellier, sneakers that smell good, thanks to microcapsules trapped in the canvas. The perfect opportunity to make a humorous campaign in the form of 5
video spots
. " Communication accelerated in February 2018, as the national media seized the subject, which gave us a big boost "Enthuses the entrepreneur.

The brand does not neglect innovation. She creates the same year a recycled plastic sneaker. With more than 60 models today to its credit, Payote now flows 100 to 150 copies per day. Present at BHV Marais and Galeries Lafayette, the brand is distributed in a fifty dealer shopss. Target 2019: 60,000 sales, to reach a turnover of one million euros and the opening of the site internationally.

The parody of the show "Patron Incognito" by Payote