Patrick Morin trusts O2 Web

The desire to simplify the logistics and sales processes, and the desire to move towards real-time data mining have forced Quebec hardware stores Patrick Morin to review its technological model. Patrick Morin had as its primary objective to offer its customers home delivery, which was not possible with its previous infrastructure. The company also sought to improve the customer experience and increase online and store sales in expanded areas of its current business segments.

She appealed to the agency O2 Web to offer a complete technological solution including the integration of a Product Information Management System (PIM) and an ERP connection. Using an omni-channel approach, O2 Web met the requirements of B2C consumers and then optimized the B2B manufacturing / distributor segment.

The new version of the site includes user geolocation and price per branch, real-time inventory display and product management, a boost performance in the display of products, the ability to deliver in-store or at the customer. Finally, the agency has also developed a personalized email marketing strategy.

Patrick Morin