Our 8 favorite marketing campaigns that boost sales at Christmas 2017 in catering

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As every year, from late November to mid-December we enter a crucial period for shopping and snacking, especially with Christmas. A deposit of activity that should not be neglected in catering during this period of rush where e-shoppers are looking for good plans to optimize their purchases. The opportunity to attract the attention of the consumer by surfing on the magic of this prosperous period which represents not less than 20% of the annual turnover of many traders! Here are 8 marketing campaigns that particularly caught our attention and that we wanted to share with you …

# 1: When Burger King offers an incredible gift to his biggest fan in France, Sullyvan

Real agitator of social media, the "King" of the burger maintains the link daily with his public. Conceived by the Buzzman agency, Burger King, sometimes teasing, sometimes mocking, decides Christmas to be interested in his best French ambassador, Sullyvan K, author of 637 comments on the Facebook page of the sign. His magic gift? To dedicate entirely to a restaurant of the sign. Wrapped as a gift package in over a kilometer of fabric, the Burger King Bordeaux Merignac is now the Burger King Sullyvan K. Reserved parking space, personalized tray and table, the happy fan will be for a year, at him in the house of Whopper and will only have to present his loyalty card to enjoy one for free when he wishes. Sullivan promises to have the Burger King logo tattooed in the year. What is the issue? Simply show its fans and potential customers that the consumer is at the heart of the Burger King project: we are witnessing the end of transaction marketing to make room for emotional and sensory marketing!

# 2: La Mie Câline offers the dreamed gift to her fans

"Forget the letters, Petit Papa Noël is live on our page! Without even having to sit on his lap, ask him in comment what you want as a gift this year and he answers you live. And if you are one of the wisest, you can leave with a gift! "

Go get the child inside us, this is the suggestion of Mie Câline to attract consumers to yourself in this magical Christmas. We have all written wonderful letters to Papa Noel; here too, emotional marketing is in place to create a relationship of trust with the brand in this period of buying frenzy and, for the brand, to emerge among its consumers …

# 3: A year of pita to win at Pita Pit

After the "Boucher Vert" lentils pellets this summer, Pita Pit capitalizes on its healthy food signature: "Fresh thinking, healthy eating" by proposing for the holidays a new vegetable protein based on green peas "produced in France" with herbs de Provence that looks like a fray of vegetables like the pulled meat. To launch this innovative product, she sets up a marketing campaign on her social networks and in her stores around a scratch game to win one year free pita for two big winners per store, but also speakers, clips fisheyeet and 100% biodegradable mugs going through a menu offered at a pita pit dessert. What is the issue? Capitalize on its concept and its promise and especially give a little to earn a lot and ensure the launch of a bold and innovative product!

# 4: Big Fernand and Michalak create a vegetarian burger to support Gustave Roussy

"Many of you have loved Gustave for a good cause! Thanks to you and your mobilization, we managed to raise 39 240 € which will be donated to the Gustave Roussy Institute for research against Cancer. "

Christmas and the whole month of December is a great opportunity for associations to raise funds and encourage citizen sharing for good causes. That's how BigFrancand and pastry chef Christophe Michalak teamed up with an ephemeral burger, the "Gustave", 100% vegetarian sold 12 € from 18 to 22 December, throughout the network of the brand. This operation generated the sale of 3,270 burgers and attracted many more customers to the brand while raising € 39,240 for the Institut Gustave Roussy to fight against cancer. What is the issue? Clearly display their values ​​and share their beliefs with their client community and integrate a partner who is also committed to a topic of public interest.

# 5: Become Xmas addict with Planet Sushi!

The Advent calendar is always an event expected by consumers to respect the famous Christmas spirit. At Planet Sushi, this period is also an opportunity to sell boxes for the aperitif to share with friends but also to enjoy new sashimi to have at the center of the table. In return, each day of the 1st on December 24th, you can win virtual cooking classes at the Atelier des Chefs but also, discounts on Uber races to better frolic trade in trade … What is the issue? Put yourself in the consumer's place and bring him comfort at this time: knowing how to cook his turkey assuredly through a cooking class from home and enjoy discounts to move without spending too much!

# 5: Go to Copenhagen with Bagel Corner

You could see that the Christmas period was also one of holidays and escape. Bagel Corner, in partnership with Orangina, then offers to win an all-inclusive trip to Copenhagen, the Danish capital so trendy to reward its best customers on Facebook through a draw. A good way to attract the famous millennials to oneself, always in search of escape and free like the air to enlarge its community by making viral the information to participate there …

# 6: The tasty Christmas of Class'Croute

Promoting online ordering is a marketing goal that any e-commerce marketer must respect through the levers of their choice. For its 30 years, the catering chain is particularly aimed at its B to C target by offering a free daily order by draw of 1st December 22 … An example to follow?

# 7: My log online in bakery by Rapidle

The online order solution Rapidle wants to help bakers and food shops by propelling the click and collect around a flagship product of the Christmas table, the log! Merchants interested in the marketing operation first receive a sticker to apply on their front and on the shelves in order to promote the order online and agree to grant a discount ranging from 5 to 10% for all orders placed before December 20 for the DDay. In return, Rapidle sends all consumers two SMS messages on December 13 and 20 to encourage consumers to order and benefit from the discount. What is the issue? Have you ever been to a bakery on a Christmas day without ordering your log first? Waiting times vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour, plus, you are not quite sure you can choose the flavor of your log … For the baker, it is certainly the best way to ensure its production flows by having upstream orders and forecasting its workforce so as not to miss this crucial moment. Review of the operation : + 18% new registrations and downloads of the application, an average basket up sharply and + 47% average increase in turnover achieved on the sale of products online for merchants.

# 8: Winter card launch on December 17th for Elgi

Not everyone can afford large catering groups, but doing nothing at this time is invisible to consumers. At Elgi, the bowl specialist in Paris, we do not hesitate to launch its winter innovations a week before Christmas, a good timing to attract customers to oneself with the intention of enjoying the flow of latecomers in search of culinary innovations. To do this we use Facebook's "shoppable" tools: the products are displayed in the post of the sign allowing the consumer to have direct access to the sale. What is the issue? Capture the attention of Internet users and answer the primary need to feed when I want where I want and with who I want! By also creating more immersive experiences, rather than favoring the redirection of the customer to his site and be able to benefit from the instantaneité and the crush, a lever very useful in restoration and a good way to engage the community and to respect the need for instant consumerity!

Christmas 2017: a multichannel consumption more and more mobile according to the FEVAD

Infogaphie Source Hypay

Last November, FEVAD announced that more than 7 out of 10 Internet users planned to buy their gifts online, especially to avoid crowds in stores. And the least we can say is that they were not mistaken … Indeed, this year, the Christmas period has been a success for e-merchants and all indicators are on the rise. Compared to the 2016 edition, the 2017 edition shows a transaction increase of 24%, + 30% of turnover and + 4% for the average basket (placing it at € 86.80).

Purchasing behavior is changing and the digital trend is growing year by year. It is increasingly mobile especially through the proliferation of the number of smartphones in circulation on the market. This year again, at the level of the purchasing terminals these are mobile phones (smartphones) achieving the best growth (+ 6%), demonstrating a change of direction in consumer usage and we must admit, it is clear that social media are widely used by brands and brands to reach an e-shopper ever more connected than you have to go out and find yourself with powerful campaigns and to encourage sharing and engagement.

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