OneGum, in the mouths of the world champions, Marketing and Sales

OneGum has achieved a huge communication blow! Specialized in energy chewing gums, the start-up has conquered the very closed world of football, and in particular the French team, world champion 2018.

World Champions … or almost. OneGum, a start-up that sells energizing chewing gums, saw his products arrive in the mouths of the players of the French football team. A huge spotlight, due to a happy coincidence.

One year of focus

With two high school friends, Ludovic Rachou has embarked on the adventure of creating this company in 2013. " By spreading directly in the mucous membranes, the energizing product is more efficient and digestible than the liquid solutions "He explains. Bringing back the idea of ​​the United States, a adaptation time however, was necessary. " It was necessary to put the flavors to the taste of European palates and remove the bitterness, while proposing a product without sugar, aspartame or taurine "Says the founder. After a year of research, chewing gum is launched. " We first tried to grow in pharmacies, it worked well, but it's a difficult market to penetrate, remembers Ludovic Rachou. We then bet on the service stations, with a test phase at Total. "

– Onegum

Chance would have it

The operation is a success and opens the doors of other service stations: those of tankers, but also those of large retailers. It is also thanks to this experience that the start-up puts a foot in the very closed world of football. " In 2015, during an operation in a station, and without knowing it, we served the doctor of AS Monaco. Some time later, orders and deliveries appeared at the Monegasque training center. We then contacted the medical staff. They tested the products with young people, including Mbappé at the time, before moving to the team the first year of their title of champion of France. "

Players request

The adventure with the Principality club ends after a year. But soon after, following the Euro 2016, the leaders of OneGum receive a funny email: " The French Football Federation who asked us where to find our products. We thought it was a joke "Recalls Ludovic Rachou. The delivery to Clairefontaine, training center of the Blues, is done a few days later. The request came directly from the players. " And just before the World Cup, we had another order. They went to the World Cup with our chewing gums "Rejoices the entrepreneur. An exceptional operation for the brand and which cost him nothing, even if it could not pass an official partnership with the FFF. And in fact, can not use the image of the Blues in his communication.

Surf the World Cup

Boosted by this boost, OneGum has however launched a advertising campaign in the Paris metro. " We made the bet to take ads in the first week of the World Cup. Advertisers are more skeptical, because, in case of elimination French, it can turn to the bad buzz. There, it smiled us. The "You too, become world champions" campaign will be in place until July 24th. In the news! With already positive feedback, especially in terms of notoriety.

Ludovic Rachou and Romain Pettenaro, co-founders of Onegum, in front of the brand display campaign.

In parallel, the brand has signed a partnership with the Stade du Reims Club, history of French football. This time, a paying partnership. " We will be present on the display on the lawn, we will have actions with the players throughout the season, videos at the stadium … It is an expensive operation for a start-up like ours, but behind, we can exploit that. Without having a return on investment, we can benefit ", Concludes Ludovic Rachou.