Multipurpose 3D Artist Internship Offer – Bordeaux (33)

Glitchr Studio is looking for a new talent to grow and strengthen its team. By joining our studio you will have to work on many projects directly or indirectly related to the video game. Being an independent studio and still in small team, we are looking for a versatile person, involved and who will be able to be autonomous on the tasks entrusted while respecting the specified constraints. The internship is also an opportunity to learn and you will be properly supervised.

Here you will have the opportunity to express your full potential by working transversally on our projects in all phases of development: from prototyping to communication through production and relaxation. Concept art, modeling, animation, level design, UI / UX, lighting, VFX, marketing, etc. the field of possibilities is very vast. Dominant animation and modeling is required.

The key points:

  • Intervene on the complete life of our projects
  • 4 to 6 months of internship will focus on a VR game
  • Work directly with programmers to solve technical problems
  • Animation / rigging but also modeling and possibly texturing objects in 3D high poly and low poly
  • Environment composition
  • Respect artistic, technical, organizational constraints

At the end of this internship you will have at least one reference to add to your portfolio and an unlocked XP boost to start a career in interactive experiences.
Remuneration: minimum reward of legal internship.
Duration: 4 to 6 months between March and October 2019

CV, cover letter, portfolio / website, availability
Attention: Recruitment Officer