Marketing Influence, the new Wild West

The marketing influence is the new Wild West. Advertisers and agencies are embarking massively to conquer this marketing territory in the making. It must be said that the vein is very promising: it offers high returns in terms of sales for brands that use it massively (Influencers and brands: must we crack down?). Relying on former swimming champion Camille Lacourt (130,000 subscribers on Instagram) or comedian Cyprien (nearly 12 million subscribers on YouTube) almost always guarantees a boost for a product launch. Moreover, few new product launches on the market today escape the leverage of marketing influence.
The only problem, as in all Far West, everything is to build: the relationship brand / influencer / consumer, the obligations of each, and simply the rules of the game … This gives a few hiccups: luxury products are found in a context that does not correspond at all to their brand culture, influencers "forget" to specify that they advertise … And then there are also simply casting errors: like choosing Nabilla to promote the Bitcoin cryptocurrency … In this Wild West, there are many sheriffs: the ARPP (Advertising Regulatory Authority), the DGCCRF (Directorate for Competition and the Repression of Fraud) … There remains only 'to uphold the law.

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