Marketing function: who is the new digital marketer?

The new normal marketer is connected, this very powerful term summarizes the upheavals of this function.

The new normal marketer is connected, this very powerful term summarizes the upheavals of this function.

The marketer lives on data and seeks to generate it by his actions.

People, places, applications, activities, objects … everything connects to everything and collects, collects data that can be traced, analyzed to react appropriately and in near real time. This is to say the magnitude of the transformation. Before it was necessary to create the information often at the limit of the interpretation; today there is more and unexpectedly, that we must find, refine, tame not to draw hasty conclusions or rush to evaluate things worthless for his organization and his business because it can be trying to do fast and anything. Moreover often a new tool or data not controlled just go faster … in the wall!

This evolution of the marketer's job will continue, the changes are just beginning with the digital driven by technological innovations and changes in attitudes.

In the past, technology has led to new uses, and with digital technology, they are available to serve new models and uses. Power is no longer in the DSI, in any case as it operated 10 years ago, but in the one who imagines the new models and find the technology to validate them. Marketing has a strong legitimacy in this context, in this race!

Main transformations of the marketer …

A more scientific approach with more data to collect … and therefore analyze. Of course it is always necessary to define campaigns, a go to market, its benefits, its differentiation, a scoring of the leads, its direct / indirect mix, its strategy (flanking …); but the tools available to the marketer can cover almost all phases.

What was conceived linearly and sequentially is no longer! everything is dynamic and must be adapted constantly in search of efficiency. The concept of segmentation must be reviewed, a person on his bike on vacation, or in transport on the move, or his office will be interested differently solicitations; it is no longer unique in our approach to it, although it is the same in terms of static criteria (age, purchasing history, etc.). It is necessary, because we can now, test / evaluate on the one hand and customize on the other hand.

This last search of the marketer is not recent, with the CRM one sought to retain a customer to the brand; but the behavior of social networks reverses this logic: it is now up to the brand to be loyal to its client.

In the age of digital marketing, we must not launch a marketing action if we do not know what we want to measure, or how we measure it, or even if we did not define what we would do of the measure.

Marketer: new skills

Michel Mariet, President of CMIT and EMEA Director Partner Marketing - Oracle Digital Transformation

Michel Mariet, President of CMIT and EMEA Director Partner Marketing – Oracle Digital Transformation

New skills with the emergence of new solutions or new behaviors. You need to know how to conduct a watch, monitor an e-reputation, identify and engage an influencer, create video content, compose an infographic, define a multi-touch scenario in marketing automation, work with personas aggregating the digital body language, pilot a social media campaign, design a mobile app, analyze customer data.

Technology and digital have freed the field of possibilities; previously, the idea preceded and had to wait to validate the technology to make it possible. Today, it is the opposite, the multitude of available technologies makes possible the realization of new ideas.

The cloud facilitates access, testing, experimentation without significant financial or temporal barriers; similarly, 3D printing also makes it possible to try by freeing up skills, delays and a significant cost for the design.

The relationship between marketing and CIO has been impacted; not only does the Cloud foster the development of shadow IT but the dependence on the ISD is transformed. In the past, any expectation of marketing resulted in a request to the ISD to create the application, or even wait for the technology that would make the idea possible to be invented or accessed at a reasonable cost. Today we have technologies and solutions and it is enough to apprehend them to invent the new use.

The social media has this extraordinary that they allow a marketer to own his own media, to practice without recourse to a skill external to different forms of communication at a cost zero … but not without risk!

What about sales and sales?

The sales relationship is also reviewed. The ability to measure everything gets closer to the culture when / how much sales and can reduce the tension that exists between the two organizations through the definition of consensual indicators. The current opposition and the claim or challenge of the contribution of each is related to the subjectivity of interpretation of the results "bad lead or bad commercial conversion? " on the other hand, some see the loss of a certain specificity which protected the marketing in its logic apart.

Still, the content is king and the relevance queen to engage and convert on all stages or intervenes marketing. Understanding your market, differentiating yourself, innovating setting up your go-to-market, engaging a network of partners … all this is topical.

Marketing is at the heart of value creation for the business just as IT has held this position in service businesses; and even in the production industries, the evolution of the models to use and the necessary knowledge of the customer, its volatility … place marketing in a central position as ever.

In this period of transformation, waves of technological innovations, questioning of skills, relations and balances of power, inventions of new uses, the role of the CMIT is to accompany its members to stay ahead innovations, understanding new applications, speeding up meetings, learning new skills by circulating ideas, experiences and best practices to bring value to our market.

Author: Michel Mariet, CMIT President and EMEA Director Partner Marketing – Oracle Digital Transformation


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