Makeover Challenge Contest: 4 couples play this Saturday at City Trianon

They are preparing to be transformed! Four couples have been selected by The Media Group Challenge to participate in the Makeover Challenge Contest, which will take place this Saturday, February 16 at the City Trianon as part of Valentine's Day. For three hours, they will be combed, made up and dressed by a team of experts. Show in front of …

When the passion fades, often the partners face a major problem: the carelessness. To give a boost to couples who do not find the time or do not know how to heal their look, The Media Group Challenge launched the Valentine's Day Makeover Challenge Contest. Four couples, Vanessa and Hrichi Beehary, Veronique and Jérémie Zamore, Joelle Codor and Kevin Goodar, Melissa Gontran and Kessen Vithilinga will be relaunched this Saturday, February 16 from 11 am at The City Trianon.

"The makeover that we will offer them is intended to awaken the flame that sleeps in each couple. It's a way to give them confidence, "says Khoshla Jadunundun, Sales & Marketing Executive of the Media Group Challenge.

To do this, a team of experts has been set up which consists of Karuna Dabydoyal of (jewelry and accessories), KC's Fashion will be represented by Hans Dax Make-up Artist, Kelly Wong Marketing Consultant and Shika Gangaram Marketing Coordinator, Dominique Comarmond-Ganapathee, Farmasi Cosmetic Director, and Yashteenee Sumputh-Vaid, Beauty Corner Academy Director, and DNYK, representing the Delia brand, Professional Cosmetics. All is led by Angie Callychurn, Beauty / Fashion Consultant.

"Everything will be done according to the morphology and the complexion of each participant", explains Angie Callychurn.

A first meeting was held with the four couples in the premises of the Media Group Challenge last Monday.

"The team of experts was able to talk to each of the participants. The idea was to discover them, identify their personality, their morphology, their preferences, their expectations to offer them a makeover where they feel good about themselves and can then reproduce the gestures independently, "says Khoshla Jadunundun.

This Saturday, the four couples will take place in the heart of the City Trianon, where they will be taken in hand by this team of beauty for three hours.

Cut, hairstyle, makeup, manicure … the four couples will be pampered for three hours in 'live', without them being able to look in the mirror.

"They will not be able to see how the makeover work, because we really want them to experience this change intensely. However, members of the public will be able to attend this event freely, "says Khoshla Jadunundun.

In addition, a giant screen will be installed and those present will be able to discover the photos of the candidates before the relooking.

Discounted products

During the Makeover Challenge contest, several partners will be on hand to offer discounts on their products. The company Tropical Miss will sell its accessories at reduced prices. Ditto for the brand Farmasi that will make its beauty products known and will offer small express makeup sessions on site. Also, it will be possible to discover the new range of lingerie brand Farmasi in exclusivity at a launch price.

The Cosmos store, for its part, will offer promotions on all phones of the brand Huawei and will discover the latest models.

Star Cosmetics, which will also be part of the party, will make the brand known through a presentation and a sale of its products.
The Beauty Academy company will also be there and will make its products known.

Maritim Resorts & Spa will also be present at this event and will introduce its services to the general public. In addition, it will offer each participant the opportunity to spend a day at the hotel with massages as a gift.

Also note that the Ipanema store will offer discounts of 70% on its products, only in the store located at the City Trianon, as part of this event. Visitors will also be able to discover what's new in ready-to-wear at La Boutique. Note that these offers will also be available tomorrow, Sunday, February 17th.

Vanessa and Hrichi Beehary

vanessa "data-entity-type =" file "data-entity-uuid =" cb268fa3-6aef-4263-b805-11dc46f39384 "src =" .jpg "class =" align-left "/> Vanessa Ramasami-Beehary and Hrichi Beehary are respectively 28 and 34. They have been married for six years now and they married six years ago. look forward to changing the look.</p>
<h3>Véronique and Jérémie Zamore</h3>
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Joëlle Codor and Kevin Goodar

joelle "data-entity-type =" file "data-entity-uuid =" a81da7d9-e4bf-4d6d-8936-9625c94d2050 "src =" .jpg "class =" align-left "/> Joëlle Codor is 23 years old and Kevin Goodar is 24. They live in Moka and it's been seven years since they moved to Moka.The couple has three children from 9 years and 6 months.</p>
<h3>Melissa Gontran and Kessen Vithilinga</h3>
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