"JOON", the new Air France company dedicated to "millennials"

VIDEO – Air France's low-cost airline is called "JOON", an Anglo-Saxon-sounding term phonetically close to "young" in French. The offer and rates will be announced at the end of September and will target 18-35 year olds.

The airline Air France on Thursday revealed the name of its subsidiary low cost, called "JOON", whose principle had been approved July 17 by the main French union of pilots after several months of negotiations. The offer and rates will be announced at the end of September. The medium-haul routes departing from Paris-Charles de Gaulle will open in autumn, then long-haul flights will be operated in the summer of 2018. At the controls, it is Jean-Michel Mathieu – who led during several years the e-commerce at Air France – which takes the lead of JOON and thus enters the executive committee of the group.

"JOON is a new step in the deployment of the Trust Together strategic plan. Its creation will improve the profitability of the Air France group, allowing it to reduce its costs and thus ensure the sustainability of its business model ", explains Franck Terner, Air France's Chief Executive Officer. This project should allow the group to revive against increasingly fierce competition from low cost and Gulf companies. Contacted by Le FigaroAir France explains that it does not yet have any figures to report on the costs of setting up this company.

Air France specifies however that "JOON will not be a low cost airline because it is a staggered offer whose quality standards remain true to those of Air France". JOON breaks down, among other things, classic airline dress codes. The hostesses and stewards will be dressed to the image of the customers: the new uniform combines a very urban and comfortable fashion, at the same time basic and chic.

"JOON" as "young"

What exactly is the target of JOON? The new company targets a young active clientele, the millenials (18-35 year olds), who place digital at the heart of their lifestyles. "In the Air France-KLM group's brand portfolio, Joon has established itself as the complementary sister of Air France, which will make its customers want to travel with its eldest," says the airline group. A few days ago, a mystery reigned over the name of this company, whose provisional name was "Boost" … An English word that did not, however, intend to become an official name. "It was just the name of the project, but many people actually thought it was the name of the company," says one at Air France.

On the social networks, many Internet users have indeed taunted the name of the project "Boost" and that of the strategic plan "Trust together", noting that Air France uses only English terms. "Joon" is no exception to this rule. The term chosen with the agency Brand Image, however, has no meaning. Why this choice? "No contempt for the French language," says Air France Figaro. We were looking for an Anglo-Saxon term for universality and openness to the public. "The airline wants to address a young clientele, especially international, which already represents 60% of its travelers.

"We needed a short term, easily pronounceable," adds one at Air France. Phonetically, JOON gives a little summer energy, and looks like the French words 'young' and 'youth' ".