"It's 100 times easier today to emerge on Tik Tok than on Instagram"

Become an influencer, a job that many dream! If your reflex is to rush to Insta, let go of the case, you are wrong. According to Emmanuel Berne, director of studies at the Heaven agency, a new gold rush is taking place and it is on Tik Tok that we have to go digging.

Instagram is by far the royal voice to become an influencer? False! We met Emmanuel Bern from the Heaven agency in Paris. For him, " It's 100 times easier today to emerge on Tik Tok than on Instagram ». The communication agency for which he works regularly speaks about the issues of influence and new uses of social networks among Millennials and Generation Y. In his latest study "#Born to Be Social", revealed last September , Heaven draws particular attention to new applications used by young people. And, at the top of their favorite apps, the all-new Tik Tok (formerly Musical.ly). This application of play-back and choreography brings together 2.5 million users in France and 150 million users in China.

two young women take a selfie

A network that pushes its influencers

For Emmanuel Berne, the potential of this network is "much higher" to become an influencer. "There is no competition or almost. Especially since the network has just been bought and, like Instagram or YouTube in their infancy, the brand wants to create success stories, "he analyzes. "A lot of Instagramers will tell you. When they started, the network boosted their exposure. Which explains why they could emerge so quickly. Same on YouTube. Tik Tok is today is in the same logic and seeks either to bring talent on its platform, or to build it itself.

Tik tok, what are we talking about?

Behind the funny consonance, is actually hidden a Japanese application, Douyin, created by ByteDance, a Chinese giant, in 2016. The concept? Take a video, face camera, play-back, all choreographed, or not. These short videos of 15 seconds often reveal treasures of creativity. Teenagers, armed only with their mobile phones, find many effects of realization. Like on this video:

The market of the application of play-back makes a misfortune at – very – young. Alongside Tik Tok at the top of the podium, there are other applications such as Triller, Dubsmash or Funimate. We have few figures on Tik Tok. But by the end of 2017, before the acquisition of Musical.ly, 13 million videos were posted daily, according to Le Monde.

An economic model still nebulous

However, is it possible to make a living on the network? " This is a difficult question. There is no pay for views like YouTube. But in general, the stars of Tik Tok are also on other platforms. For example, Hector Dnl, very present on Tik Tok, makes tutorials on YouTube to reproduce the effects in his videos:

MTV has just launched a partnership with the platform, which is a great reminder of what the US channel has already done with Snapchat. While waiting to see if the post-top network of the now Insta dinosaur (and do not even talk about Facebook, which only use ancestors), you can always take photos of your favorite dishes, without play-back and without choreography .