incubators and accelerators to launch its start-up, Aids and Networks

Lyon is a heavyweight in the start-up ecosystem in France, with a network of multiple support structures offering complete programs for all types of projects. Zoom on 14 structures.

The Métropole de Lyon hosts more than 20,000 new businesses a year. The city and its region benefit from competent structures and more and more numerous. Investments in Lyon companies are still lagging behind Paris. But the trend is reversing and ambitious projects focused on innovation are multiplying.

1Kubator Lyon: a solid experience in incubation

It is in Lyon that the first structure of 1Kubator was born in 2016. This incubator created by Alexandre Fourtoy gave birth to a
national network of incubators
: three new spaces have emerged in Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux and, recently, in Lille. The network plans to expand in the coming years and reach the major cities of France. In Lyon, 1Kubator offers several support phases. 1Koncept is aimed at projects still at the idea stage with a personalized program over a renewable month. 1Kreation is the major support mechanism for a period of ten months: financing, production and launch.

Cost for companies: equity investment (10%) against a contribution of 25,000 euros, 12,500 euros of incubation services (office, support, technology) and 12,500 euros of cash for the program 1Kreation.

Address: 59, rue de l'Abondance, 69003 Lyon.

Start-ups passed through the structure: Urchink, Krabbi, Pamp, My Key of 12, Spott, Kidokids, Agrifind, Duflair, Shamballa, Just Business, Redfox Finance.

1Kubator participates for 10% in the capital of the young shoots it incubates.
– 1Kubator

Alter'Incub Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: the incubator of social innovation

Alter'Incub Auvergne Rhône-Alpes belongs to the
Alter'Incub network
whose other antennas are in Occitania, Poitou-Charentes and Center-Val de Loire. The social is at the heart of this incubator launched in 2011. The accompaniment varies from 12 to 16 months. A first pre-incubation phase lasts four months, then comes the incubation phase. The project leader can be accompanied from the idea stage to the creation of the company.

Cost for companies: free, sure

Address: Woopa cooperative center, 10 avenue des Canuts, 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin. Website:

Start-ups passed by the structure: Familien, Symbiose, Appart & Sens, Hop! Durable, Tero Loko, Axess'Cycle, Less, Ter & Co, R'Emics.

Axeleo: the accelerator of technological start-ups

In six years of existence, the
Axeleo accelerator
has become a prominent place among the support structures in the Rhône-Alpes region. Axeleo selects between 8 and 10 new start-ups each year from a total of 1,500 applications in the digital domain and in a B2B segment. The customizable programs offered by Axeleo go from 6 to 18 months with a strong focus on marketing strategy, value proposition and the implementation of a solid business model. The target companies are those who want to pass a course, particularly in terms of turnover between 100,000 and 500,000 euros. In 2016, Axeleo opened an investment arm called «Axeleo Capital Which allows to feed the aspect acceleration. Its fund now stands at 45 million euros.

Cost for companies: equity investment of 5 to 10% capital according to the stage of development.

Address: 73, rue de la République, 69002 Lyon. Website: Email:

Start-ups passed by the structure:
, Adagio,
, Vectaury, Citalid, Trustpair, Ermeo, Yogosha, Happydemics, Clustaar, Elise technologies,
, iFollow, Hxperience

Big Booster: accelerating to international

This accelerator, supported by the Foundation for the University of Lyon, had for ambition to send a few days its members to different places of the planet as in China or Morocco for the formats to the local entrepreneurship and to allow a fast development in function of the territory. The structure made a turn in 2019 to
to refocus on a Lyon-Boston axis
. In three years of existence, Big Booster has accompanied 80 start-ups. This structure seeks to attract project leaders with innovative solutions and with an ambition to develop internationally. The program focuses on three areas: Bio and Health, Informative Tech and Global Impact.

Cost for companies: 300 euros to apply for the next promotion

Address: 353 Avenue Jean-Jaurès, 69007 Lyon. Website:

Start-ups passed by the structure: Diabeloop, Neolys Diagnostics,
, Biosfer Teslab, Breezometer, Cyleone,
, FineHeart, Gulplug, Sylfen, AbiliSense,, E-Vone,
, Meacor,

BoostInLyon: historical incubator

«6 months to get out fingers ".
do not go through four ways to explain the objectives he sets for future candidates. This incubator, the first of its kind in Lyon, when it arrived 8 years ago, is aimed at early stage start-up. If you have an idea or a first prototype finalized, BoostinLyon is the place to try your luck. This structure gives its members six months to test his idea or product through workshops, mentorship and events with entrepreneurs from around the world. Since 2011, 120 projects have been supported and BoostinLyon claims 67% of start-ups still in business. A coworking space is also proposed within this structure and open to external companies as well as former project leaders. A last more personalized offer entitled The MoBILhome proposes an à la carte support of three months renewable.

Cost for companies: 600 euros HT for the "classic" formula of 6 months; 400 euros HT for MoBILHome.

Address: 6 Rue Montebello, 69003 Lyon. Website:> Apply until June 25 on

Start-ups passed by the structure: Artoche, Neopop, Smap, Via Romana, Kickbanking, Finnocar, Sojoourn, Baily, Enoptea, Digiforma, Oulypo, Teazit, EWS, Our Ecool.

BoostinLyon allows early stage start-ups to test their idea or prototype.
– BoostinLyon

Incubator and accelerator Emlyon business school: precursor in France

The EM Lyon took the early turn of the undertaking by participating actively in the development of the ecosystem. Originally called the Entrepreneurs Center when it was created in 1984, this support structure then became the emlyon business school incubator in 2008. It is considered one of the most prolific and successful business school incubators. Solids of France. EM Lyon offers several programs for beginners as well as agers. The program start-up camp validates his "project" and his entrepreneurial capacity during 12 weeks. The mentoring program provides support for entrepreneurs in launch phase over a period that can go from 12 to 24 months. The acceleration part is divided into three areas: Ed Tech Job, Sport Tech and Digital Booster. Two offers are proposed, 3 months for start-up in early stage and 6 months for late stage (only Ed Job Tech and Sport Tech).

Cost for companies: 3,200 euros HT for the start-up camp; 3.500 euros net for 3 months of acceleration (Ed Job Tech, Sport Tech, Digital Booster); 8,000 euros net of tax for 6 months of acceleration (Ed Job Tech), a tailor-made offer for 6 months of acceleration (Sport Tech).

Address: 40 Avenue Guy de Collongue, 69130 Ecully.

Start-ups passed by the structure: WeMood,
, Fundy, Cizoo,
, Meandle, Nymphea, Best Visit, GoSense, Doctinnovation, Chronoscenes

And also :

Jean Moulin Incubator (Lyon III),
JEA Beelys
(University of Lyon), Start HEP

H7: the "Station F" Lyon

Symbol of the entrepreneurial dynamic of the region,
is the latest addition to the Lyon ecosystem

is the latest addition to the Lyon ecosystem
. This
Station F
Lyonnais is a dedicated digital organization that has its headquarters in Conlfluence in the old Halle Girard. It plans to host 70 new start-ups each year in the 5,300 m² of space. Out of nearly 200 applications, 80 were pre-selected and 42 young shoots were finally selected for the first promotion. H7 is open 24 hours a day and has 350 workstations, a restaurant area and conference rooms. Financed by € 11.6 million from the Lyon metropolis and the region, this huge space aims to become the hub of innovation in Lyon with a reputation throughout the region. H7 is worn by the
SOS Group
, Arty Farty, Lyon French Tech and the Axeleo accelerator.

Cost for companies: 250 euros per month for an open space job, 350 per month for a job in a private space.

Address: 70, quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon. Website:
Open applications

Start-ups passed by the structure: Hello Charlie,
, Lumeen.

The inauguration of H7, May 14, 2019.
– DR

Centsept: the social accelerator

Centsept is a social "pop up". The accompanying program is spread over 8 months and targets social or environmental projects. This device is supported by Ronalpia. Since 2017, 15 social enterprises have been supported and 8 new members have joined the 2019 promotion.

Cost for companies: free.

Address: 107 Rue de Marseille, 69007 Lyon. Website:

Start-ups passed by the structure: Aidodys, Mozaïk RH, The MIETE, Article 1,
, Webforce 3, Social Builder, The Telemachus Institute, Enactus, Dare Here & Now, Imagineo, Oziris Health, Smart Neighbor.

The first Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (AURA): the female incubator

According to the digital agency report, only 12.4% of start-up executives are women. A rate that does not increase when it comes to the number of women accompanied by an incubator.
The first
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is a structure created in Lyon in 2011, after that of Paris in 2005. It defends the place of women in companies. The profiles recruited are either women or mixed management teams. There are many antennas in mainland France and overseas territories, as well as one in Luxembourg. The program is based on three axes: individual coaching, personal coaching and training. Three separate programs are offered. Start by Les Premières is an introduction to entrepreneurship spread over 14 hours in two days with specific workshops. Go by Les Premières is a program ranging from 6 to 9 months intended for project bearers who want to launch their business and validate their business model through trainings and workshops. Finally, Boost by The First goes from 6 to 18 months with several objectives: to conquer its market, recruit and develop in the territory, then internationally.

Cost for companies: rate depending on the situation of the person; price 700 euros HT for Go by Les Premières; rate depending on the project and support for Boost by Les Premières; accommodation is offered 180 euros per month for outsiders.

Address: 227 Cours Lafayette, 69006 Lyon. Website:

Start-ups passed by the structure: Aegir, Coffretis,
Country counter
, Kiwi Diamond, Active Awakening, Eattiz, Fitners, Fabulabox, GB'O, Gotta Joga, Fundy,
, Expecto Decodex, Decidento.

Lyon Start-up: 4 months to get started

Lyon Start-up launches every year a promotion of 100 projects that must participate in several pitch competitions. After three rounds, only 20 projects remain, reduced by 3 winners selected by a jury. The accompaniment lasts 4 months with the program a week of training in entrepreneurship, workshops, training in pitch. The candidate must not not have yet created his company and can come up with a simple idea. According to figures from Lyon Start-up, 95% of companies created following their participation in this program are still active two years later.

Cost for companies: free. A final contest can win up to 15,000 euros.

Address: 35 Rue de Marseille, 69007 Lyon. Website:

Start-ups passed by the structure: Adblock Radio, ADDON-acs,
, Gryzzly, MyAnnona, Icon, Handstacare, Interactive Wall, Legs Me Up.

The Novacité accelerator: the grail of the label

Created in 1987, the Novacité accelerator is supported by the CCI Lyon Metropole and the Métropole de Lyon. It supports high-potential start-ups in Lyon and Saint-Etienne, which are set to move quickly internationally. The structure claims a business survival rate of 96% at three years. 367 companies have been labeled Novacité. Between 2008 and 2012, members of the accelerator earned on average 500,000 euros of turnover at three years. Novacité offers a 360 ° diagnosis with one of its experts to evaluate a project. The acceleration is divided into three phases: Check-In & Set Up, lasting 4 months to validate the idea and lay the foundations of the company. The presentation before a jury for the Novacité label. And finally, if the label is acquired, Coaching in 24 months with first access to financing and help finding the first clients.

Cost for companies: 600 euros for Check-In & Set Up; 5.760 euros for Coaching with 4% of Success Fee on public and private aid.

Address: Place de la Bourse, 69002 Lyon. Website: >

Startups going through the structure: Araxxe, Biomae, Capsa, DNA Code,
, Imaling, Konatic, LillyBelle,
, Mathym, Dasir,
, Obiz, Solorea, Trackin, Yseop, Zelup, E.M.D, Calixar, Adeneo Embedded.

Pingstar! : POC objective

This intensive program created in October 2018 by the Digital League cluster accompanies during 4 months six project leaders per year through coaching and mentoring sessions. Each selected candidate in the digital domain benefits from a financing of 15,000 euros to come to the realization of his idea. Pingstar aims to reach the end of the session with a
Proof of concept
according to precise specifications. Two start-ups have been accompanied for the moment. Two other young shoots are currently in the program until the end of June 2019.

Cost for companies: free.

Address: 11 passage Panama Campus Region, 69002 Lyon.

Start-ups passed by the structure: Opti'waves, Plan'in Way.

Pulsalys: from the research project to the start-up

The specificity of Pulsalys is to privilege projects resulting from research. Created in 2013, this structure is part of the SATT Lyon St-Etienne site. This is one of the first SATTs to have created its own acceleration program. In five years, 149 projects have been funded and 62 start-ups have been created. It offers complete support with evaluation, implementation of an industrial strategy, technical maturation of projects, marketing, negotiation of contracts, until the creation of a company.

Cost for companies: free.

Address: 47 Boulevard du 11 Novembre, 69100 Villeurbanne. Website:

Startups run by the structure: Mablink, Nh Theraguix, MexBrain, Fretly, Glincs, Metadesk, Skilder, Molsid, HealthNet,
, Pragma Therapeutics, SpeakPlus, Amoeba.

Ronalpia: to radiate on its territory

Ronalpia is looking for companies that have stabilized their business model and have a high impact potential. Companies must also meet a social or environmental need in the Lyon region. This structure, created in September 2013 in Lyon, is also present in Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne. Ronalpia had set up three accompanying devices brought to one today. The implementation program is spread over 9 months and aims to anchor on the Rhône-Alpes territory. The accompaniment is divided into three phases: preparation, landing and adaptation, and finally anchoring.

Cost for companies: free.

Address: 7 Rue Jean-Marie Leclair, 69009 Lyon. Website:

Start-ups through the structure: Jobirl, Wake up Café, CoopaWatt, Valoralp, Urban Plateau, Building Permit, Crowdybox, Ludd 21, Hopopila, Auticiel, Clic & Garden,
, Nok Factory, You to Me.

Other specialized incubators

FOODTECH: Food Shaker; CLEANTECH: Axel'One,
; FINTECH: B612; RETAIL: Techtera.