How Ubisoft boosted its e-commerce site

Launched in 1999, the "Ubisoft Store" was re-launched in 2016 in collaboration with OSF. In particular, the improved navigation experience helped to increase its conversion rate. Explanations with Maxime Bosvieux and Laïka Moussa from Ubisoft.

It was in 1999 that Ubisoft launched its online sales site (, while e-commerce was still in its infancy. The "Ubisoft Store" sells video games and derivative products for fans of the numerous licenses of the publisher, which has conquered 96 countries and 5 continents to date.

" With the exponential growth we have seen in thirty years, it has become mandatory to review our online sales management, so optimize the visibility of our brands, engage our customers and increase the conversion rate Explains Maxime Bosvieux, EMEA e-commerce director at Ubisoft.

Because initially, the teams did not have the hand on the platform e-commerce. " We felt the need to have more control, on the back-end as the front-end, to gain agility in this context of strong international development "Emphasizes Maxime Bosvieux.

6 months to launch 20 versions of the site

Ubisoft wanted powerful search, merchandising, customization, A / B testing … very short deadline : 6 months to launch 20 versions of the site.

" We wanted a first version as soon as possible, and that's why we chose OSF: an organization and international teams, with an identity close to ours, business-oriented "Justifies Maxime Bosvieux.

But above all, the professional hi OSF expertise on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud tool.

" Their knowledge of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform and their relationship with Salesforce were instrumental in our choice, which allowed us to complete the project on time. He concludes.

Today, the Ubisoft Store is based on a powerful e-commerce platform, allowing a optimized browsing experience thanks to easy to find information and to a improved page loading time. " Since the redesign of the site, users spend more time and we noted an increase in the conversion rate Says Laïka Moussa, front end product owner at Ubisoft.