How to double your organic traffic each month? Content Marketing

It seems that on the Internet the only advice that can be found on SEO can be summarized as: creating content that is worth sharing, content that is worth to be favorite to return. So that people naturally create links to your site …

Well, it's not more complicated than that … The problem is that EVERYONE is saying that, and there are very few case studies available on the Internet. In addition, the few studies that exist concern large websites that have invested tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in content creation. What happens when a "regular" website tries to stand out on Google?

For these reasons, I decided to share some statistics from my personal website and the strategies I used to get my organic traffic from 0 to 1000 visits per week in 25 weeks.

These numbers are interesting because it's not a homerun – anyone can do the same. When we start a website and we have more or less points of reference, we are a little anxious and we wonder if we do our job well. This text will give you some reference points as to the results you expect when you decide to do content marketing.

Here is a summary of the strategies that I will share with you:

  • How to write texts that your audience (and Google) like!
  • How to use social media to boost your SEO.
  • The on-page SEO is not dead, how to optimize its page for the nice Google robots.

bonus: At the end of this article, I will give my best tip (stolen from Neil Patel) to find out which are the 100 links to get to appear on the first page with any key word!


Here is a graph of the organic growth of the blog.

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<p>Presented like that, it seems impressive. Only if we look at the variations of each month, we realize that this kind of graph is anything but irregular – it is the normal growth of any blog posting good content every week.</p>
<p>Now I'm not saying that you can achieve the same results fingers in the nose, I was very aggressive in my promotions strategies. Only, with the stuff that I discovered (and that are all present in this article), I could easily do exactly the same thing in half less time.</p>
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If you write a text on LinkedIn, you are likely to attract traffic by writing "How does LinkedIn work? A quick and easy guide to … »

Quote your sources!

Another rule, you must send links to sites with a good reputation. Google interprets this as a reference to a reliable source and will automatically interpret that as if you knew what you were talking about!

Optimize your meta descriptions

It's not new, we have to optimize our meta descriptions. However, it's not just about writing unique descriptions for each of your articles, you need to go further. If you're not yet registered for Google Webmaster Tool, do it right now!

Once done, go to the left menu under "Search Traffic" and select "Search Queries".


In this menu, sort your queries by impression quantities and look under which expressions you have lots of impressions, but a low click rate. Then go into incognito search results (ctrl + shift + n on Google Chrome) and compare yourself to others. How can you stand out and make a difference?

Bonus – how to rank # 1 each time?

I have not done any link building for my website, but if you seriously want to acquire a lot of traffic, here is what you need to do.

Go to Google and enter the keyword on which you would like to arrive first. That's it, the first 10 pages represent the 100 most relevant websites on which you need to acquire links.

If you have a quality resource on your website, this is easy enough, you only have to contact the webmasters saying that you have invested a lot of time and effort in building a guide / resource / other and that he would be very useful for his audience.

Personalize your email and focus on what the audience can get from the product. Keep it short, between 100 and 200 words max!

Not all webmasters will want to, but you can expect to have at least 10% of them who are willing to send you a link. The better your offer, the higher the proportion of people willing to help you.

The directory age is over. The links of qualities must be on relevant pages. Fortunately for us, Google tells us exactly which sites to target!


Growing your website traffic is a process that takes a lot of patience, but it's so rewarding to see organic traffic double every month. It may seem impossible to do, but believe me, if you currently have fewer than 1,000 visits a week, doubling that number is less difficult than you think!

No need to be an SEO expert, only need to have something interesting and an audience ready to listen to you.

Do you have any tips, tricks or comment? Let me know below or via Twitter @Olivier_Lambert!