How to boost your SEO without doing SEO?

Do SEO without using conventional SEO techniques? This is entirely possible, provided you apply the following tips.

Improve your SEO without doing SEO? The idea may seem paradoxical, but it is not in the least. The SEO is to activate a number of levers, mainly technical (on-site and off-site), to send good signals to search engines. However, it is quite possible to practice a form of indirect SEO that will make you gain notoriety and booster the positioning of your web pages – without the need to put your hands in the grease of SEO. Here's how.

Adopt a 360 ° vision for your webmarketing strategy

The world of digital marketing is no longer limited to two or three channels of acquisition and some technical hacking on its website. In the past, publishing half a dozen keyword-rich content and sending email campaigns galore could be enough to bring in a crowd of prospects who want to buy your products or services – but that time is now far behind you. .

Today, it is essential to adopt a broader vision, a vision that encompasses all the possibilities offered by digital. Today, it is crucial to return to the very foundation of trade, namely: human bonds built in trust. However, working your technical SEO so that your pages appear in the first results of Google, this has no impact on your relationship with your prospects / customers and the confidence you inspire. Conversely, optimizing these two aspects allows you to gain notoriety and promote your natural referencing in a more … natural way!

For this you need to think '360 ° marketing strategy'. This involves working your brand to exist in the minds of consumers, using all the channels at your disposal. Including social networks: if Facebook, Twitter and their friends have a more than questionable (and still very controversial) impact on your SEO, the actions of those who follow you, on the other hand, have an undeniable effect on your notoriety and your influence. digital (via likes, shares, retweets, etc.).

Thus, all these users will naturally turn in your direction when they need what you sell / offer. They will inflate the ranks of visitors to your website – which will bring you direct traffic, essential to boost your SEO. Because it's the popularity of a site that makes Google vibrate!

Create content with high added value

"The content is king": you have heard (and repeated yourself) this sentence to the point of nausea. One in two articles about SEO proudly wears it. But have you thought about what it means really, beyond the only formula? It implies that the place occupied by content is the real pillar of any SEO strategy. And not just because "content = keywords = better indexing and therefore better positioning", but especially because "quality content = notoriety, trust, direct traffic and natural backlinks".

In short, stop thinking 24 hours a day about Google's robots and the incoming links that you can get on this site at the mega ranking. Focus on the needs of your potential customers and the most relevant way to respond to them, with well-thought-out contents, perfectly targeted and able to bring a real added value to the readers. Start thinking of your site as a platform that provides useful information, rather than a sales vehicle. This will help you build trust and boost your SEO – because people will read your content and surf your pages; because Google will see that you offer relevant answers to the requests of its users.

The backlinks will come next. They will come naturally in response to your qualitative content, published by satisfied Internet users and by influencers really motivated to the idea to make known your contents. They will impose themselves because you will become an expert in your field, on which you have to rely. However, this involves setting up a real content strategy designed for natural referencing, a strategy that revolves around content with high added value. Many agencies offer it, like the agency SEO Ydyle.

Work on your digital press relations

Prospects and customers should not be your only targets. In a perspective of natural referencing, you will also need a number of relays on the Web – journalists, bloggers, professionals in your sector, entrepreneurs, consultants … In short, all those that we include in the term "influencers" .

Influencers are sound boxes: they alone can make your content or marketing campaign visible to consumers. They extend your branding to their own community, giving volume to your communication and giving you the opportunity to acquire leads that you could not imagine touching with a basic SEO strategy.

Nevertheless, for this approach to have an impact on your SEO, it is crucial to target the right people. Sending a press kit to a political blogger when you sell management software is a waste of time. A mapping your marketing ecosystem will help you build a list of referral media and people with some authority in your field.

Build digital press relations based on an exchange of good practices: you bring useful and innovative content, hoping to glean a bit of extra influence; and at the same time, your interlocutors continue to do their work with objectivity, seriousness and rigor.

So, of course, some SEO tips are essential, and some essential technical points. It is crucial, for example, to ensure a good user experience for your users and to work on the attractiveness of your website on many aspects (this is called SXO, or Search eXperience Optimization). But your SEO is also, and above all, the way you work on your brand, content and digital relationships to gain notoriety and attract direct traffic.