How to boost your business through social networks?

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Social networks are booming, no one doubts. Many companies have invested in this new media to take advantage of the commercial opportunity it represents.

Facebook and its 1.35 billion active users or Twitter and its 284 million show the craze of Internet users around the world for social networks. In France, the scale of the phenomenon, with 26 million users for the first social network and 6.8 million for the second, invites you not to neglect what could become an important manna of prospects for your company.

Make publications on new products

Social networks are an effective way to inform users of the release of a new product / service or to obtain exclusives about changes and improvements. The early adopters, who are particularly sensitive, remain the first to rush on the product. They share the information later with their different communities. You can broadcast any type of data that differs a little from your usual communication or make links that will allow you to direct your fans to your website. La Redoute offers, for example, interesting features on its Facebook page in order to facilitate the sale of its products. The distance selling company has implemented an application called "a day, a list", which allows Internet users to create a list of gifts and select products for important events such as weddings.

Submit unique offers

Those who follow you value the brand with their group, so why not reward them for being your first ambassadors? You can offer special offers or appointments that only your fans have access to. Another method, make them participate in specific competition games that remain a very good way to retain them. In the spring of 2012, the ALT hotel chain organized a photography contest on Instagram to create a collective artwork. For nearly two weeks, participants were invited to submit photos respecting the theme defined daily. Each day, the channel selected 9 finalists and a big winner won a night at the hotel. In total, more than 80,000 photos were proposed, proof of the success of the operation.

Interact with your community

Another use of social networks, interaction with your members. They allow you to ask the opinion of fans in particular through polls. You can understand what customers really think of your products and possibly use what they suggest to improve it. In this way, you create a proximity link with your user and invite your followers to connect with each other.

Make the back side of the scene known

In the manner of corporate blogs, social networks are a way of sharing behind the scenes with users. Anecdotes about situations that have happened, rewards for the company, employees honored … All this information that normally reach the ear of your followers with difficulty. So why not put them in the privacy of the company (so that they can feel a sense of belonging) or not inform them of the positions that are released? On the LinkedIn professional network, it is common for companies to create a page and post content to provide an overview of the company's culture. This is the case of Kellogg's. On the profile of the company, one can look at pictures of events organized internally or read videos about future colleagues, which is effective in motivating potential candidates to send their CV.


Social networks can be a great place to advertise. The information obtained on users (for those who provide them) makes it possible to submit criteria such as age, profession, hobbies or geolocate them. Last August, Facebook launched a new advertising product that allows advertisers to give more visibility to their events by sharing them directly on the newsfeed, such as regular advertising. In the same way, Twitter has developed a system of sponsored profiles allowing any user to pay to highlight his profile. There is also a paid tweets recommendation service, as well as a video insertion module in advertising tweets.

Broadcast and relay editorial content

In the case where your company distributes content, social networks are an excellent relay in your community. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others allow you to disseminate information that may have nothing to do with the company except the values ​​it defends. Google+ includes great features for companies that publish content. Luxury companies such as Guerlain or L'Oréal use this channel of communication to post visual content for the benefit of their community. L'Oréal regularly communicates on its profile around its muses. As for Guerlain, they took advantage of the opening of their boutique on the Champs-Élysées to broadcast a video with the general manager and many prestigious guests.

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