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Last March, we asked ourselves the following question: "Should we invest in chatbots on Facebook? ". At the time, the answer was already a big YES. Development of turnover, work of its brand image, improvement of the customer experience … Messenger Bots have undeniable qualities. Today, I propose to dig the subject by giving you all the key info to get started …

Replay of our live Facebook "Chatbot Marketing"

Find the replay of our live September 13, 2017 to learn more about marketing chatbot!

Marketing Chatbots: Highlights

To give you a better idea of ​​the potential of chatbots, here are some figures I found on the subject.

As of April 2017, Facebook Messenger had 1.2 billion users (Source). Knowing that in July 2016, we were 1 billion users, so we see a 20% increase in less than a yearwhich is huge considering the already consistent base of users last year.

First point : if you were still wondering if your customers are on Messenger, I think you have the answer 🙂

If we compare Messenger to Instagram (also owned by Facebook), there are twice as many users.

The benefits of using this new marketing method

Chatbots can be used to make customer service virtual assistant mode (after-sales, faq, management or other) but also pre-sale by referring the consumer to the product or service that best suits his needs. In fact, 56% of consumers prefer messaging over a phone call and more than one in two people feel more confident buying when they can chat.

Not only consumers expect a brand to have a chat system but, in addition, the confidence acquired through chat can significantly improve sales and therefore turnover.

Furthermore, the interaction rates are excellent : Open and click rates are 10 to 15 times higher than those found in traditional emailing. In other words a base of 1,000 Messenger users equals a base of 15,000 mails.

Finally, the cat is very interactive, the different devices allow:

  • Customize the chat based on the answers given by the user;
  • Open sequences based on certain keywords posted in comment in a Facebook publication;
  • To welcome in a personalized way the people who contact you on Facebook;
  • Or even better: send a Messenger message to all your subscribers.

The possibilities are almost endless, provided you use the right tools associated with the right methods!

In short, if there is an acquisition channel in which you have to invest this year for your digital marketing, it is the marketing chatbot.

Set up a marketing chatbots strategy

If you want to get started, several marketing tools allow you to "hack" Messenger and do very advanced marketing actions without technical knowledge and much more simply than if you go directly through Facebook.

The two best known solutions to start are Manychat and Chatfuel, the latter offer more or less the same features.

Basically with these tools, you can:

  • Develop your Messenger database thanks to different solutions (integration on your site, link to Messenger …);
  • Qualify your prospects arriving from Messenger;
  • Offer them sequences of messages to steer them or bring them gradually to the sale;
  • Publish Facebook messages to trigger sequences based on fan behavior (example following a comment on a publication);
  • And send messages to your Messenger database.

Both tools offer free solutions and become paid to use the advanced features.

It is of course possible to develop, besides these tools, tailor-made solutions through specialist agencies or developers (see some examples in the "Expert Opinion" section later in this article).

Advertising devices proposed by Facebook

It is not mandatory to use advertising to enjoy chatbots but these latter associated with advertising become a formidable acquisition tool.

example advertising facebook chatbot

Facebook has put in place adapted advertising formats:

  • One allowing you to send back to your bot;
  • The other allows you to send advertising messages on Messenger.

On this second format, you can only send messages to people who have previously contacted you, hence the importance of mixing the two advertising formats for optimal results.

Examples for inspiration

A first example, the one created by Antoine Peytavin, entrepreneur and co-founder of Club & co'm:

Antoine Peytavin: chatbots comments in a Facebook post

This apparently innocuous publication triggers a chatbot based on the responses given by the fans in the comments.

Following a comment, it opens a sequence of personalized messages based on the answers. If you want to test and realize the possibilities, click here!

SNCF travel: a bot to book tickets

Thanks to its 10,000-user bot, SNCF Travel was able to process requests from 90% of them automatically. The remaining 10% ends the conversation with a human.

example chatbot SNCF travel

Mastercard and his financial chatbot

The Mastercard Chatbot Messenger responds to customer inquiries (in the US market): bank account questions, purchase history and more.

chatbot mastercard

Source: Alioze

Lara de Meetic

The goal of this chatbot messenger: turn prospects into customers. Balance for the brand: 160.000 users have dialogued with Lara (who answers in 10 languages). According to Meetic, 30% of customer service requests are automatable.

Source: E-marketing

Daddy and his chatbot who helps you make jam

Last July, the Facebook page of the sugar Daddy launched, in collaboration with the agency Fullsix Paris a chatbot to help fans of the brand to achieve their jam.

After clicking on "Send a message"

chatbot sugar daddy

The chat opens and answers the various questions asked on the subject. You will discover the 7 steps to make your jam 🙂

chatbot sugar daddy

The chatbot personal stylist HM

HM, via his bot messenger, learns to know the style of the user then to propose him recommendations adapted to his tastes. A good example that allows the brand to improve its ROI through additional sales.

chatbot marketing hm

Place a Burger King order directly from Messenger

The fastfood chain has set up a chatbot to order, watch the demo:

Create a site with the chatbot Heek

Another interesting example is that of Heek who offers to chat with a chatbot to create his website.

chatbot heek

Source: Forbes

Find a gift idea with the beauty bot from Sephora

A final example, that of the brand Sephora that allows to guide the user according to his needs. With special mention for his thoughtful gift suggestion tool:

Source: Alioze

In view of these different examples, you can see that, whatever your theme and your marketing objective, chatbots can help you in your communication. I now give the floor to a panel of experts we asked about the business opportunities offered by a bot messenger.

Expert advice on chatbots

To find out more about this fascinating topic of chatbot marketing, we met several experts to ask them the following question: How to take advantage today of chatbots to develop your business? Discover their answers.

Antoine Peytavin, web marketing consultant, chatbot marketing expert and Club & Co'm trainer

antoine peytavin trainer chatbots marketingHere is a very simple method to put a Bot Messenger in his business and increase his turnover. Chat Bots have been in use for less than 6 months, and in the beginning most entrepreneurs were mistaken in how to put them in place.

They thought that the use would be the same as that of an autoresponder email (Aweber, Sg autorépondeur, …).

They created long sequences of 20 or 30 automatic messages, sent one per day. Only … the customers have felt fooled: they thought they had to do to a real human at the very beginning, and as the notifications of Fb Messenger are very intrusive on a phone (often it makes them vibrate or ring), they had the unpleasant impression of spam.

Companies have quickly changed the shot: one or two short messages, then we switch to a real human to take over.

Here is my favorite method when I use a Chat Bot:

1- I put up a pixel of Facebook retargeting on my website

Implementation Guide:

2- I created an advertisement in the news feed containing a link to messenger (see photo)

advertising facebook messenger chatbot

Implementation Guide:

3- As an advertising audience I take retargeting: "people who visited my site during the last 30 days". In addition, I delete the audience who has already purchased my product (exclude the purchase confirmation URL).

4- In the message of my advertisement I place a pre-sale message "What is your biggest problem in the field UNTEL" or "A promo code for the product UNTEL by sending me a message"

Thanks to this technique I am like in a real shop. I see people asking questions and I advise them on the product to buy.

Thomas Guenous, CEO Oh My Bot

thomas guenousThe main promise of a chatbot, and more globally bots, is to automate processes and tasks that otherwise would appeal to humans. This promise is fully applicable to business development and marketing efforts, so the idea is to automate repetitive, low value-added tasks to enable salespeople to have the strongest leverage.

Tasks that can be automated include:

  • The presentation of products, services;
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about products and services (80% of questions are recurrent and easily automated);
  • Simple quote completion, based on data provided by the prospect;
  • Reminders after sending quote or commercial proposal;
  • Follow-up or status requests ("Where is my order / contract?") …

In addition, the chatbot is available 24/7, it provides a first level of response to the prospect, which can be developed by an agent at the next business hour.

Finally, this chatbot will have to be deployed on platforms in phase with your target: Messenger and its website for most companies, but also Slack / Skype / SMS for B2B, and soon Snapchat / Whatsapp / Instagram for B2C (the APIs are not yet available for these platforms).

Other track: launch an innovative chatbot as part of a marketing campaign, such as the Samsung Santa bot, which allowed the Korean mobile manufacturer last Christmas to present its products in a new and fun way on Messenger. A smart way to surf the chatbots wave quickly and easily.

An example of a particularly effective brand chatbot: The Burberry Chatbot

His strengths:

  • Regular update highlighting an experience / a product of the moment;
  • Focus on what a bot can accomplish, do not over-promise;
  • A good use of the buttons and options of Messenger (customization of a video to his name);
  • The possibility of buying the product quickly (unfortunately, not yet directly on Messenger, we are for the moment always redirected to the Burberry site);
  • The rapid availability of a human agent.

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Jeremy Benoussa, CEO Liita

jeremy benmoussaChatbots are still very new and have not yet entered the collective use. Admittedly, there is a lot of talk about it in the tech world, but the general public has not really got it right yet.

It is therefore important to think first in terms of use and understanding: how can a chatbot in my business help my target to save time and efficiency?

We must avoid the phone server effect which is very annoying when we can not find the service we are looking for and we can not call on a human to help us.

At first, I think the wisest is to experiment on a small but clear perimeter for the user. For example, by offering a service that will essentially work with simple choices, such as ordering at the restaurant. Then, little by little, we introduce services that are based on the conversation and for that, you must enter a whole other dimension with artificial intelligence that will recognize the meaning of what users write.

We talk a lot about natural language but we are not yet totally there. There is a real learning phase not to neglect two aspects: the time it will take your teams and the frustration that can cause users side as long as this curve has not yet reached a satisfactory level.

This is unfortunately a must and it is therefore much better to go through successive improvements rather than make a huge block that will be more difficult to improve quickly.

That said, bots are very useful and will become even more so in the years to come. We are only at the beginning of this adventure, even if personally I do not think that the bots will kill the apps, any more than the email did not kill the mail. Rather, there will be a transformation of uses, as often with the arrival of new technologies.

There are many bots and few useful and interesting bots so far, the fault of brands that do not yet fully invest these new opportunities.

In France, that of Voyages SNCF is well done and well thought out. It allows you to quickly find a train and book your ticket.

Facebook's for his coffee at VivaTech was interesting. Instead of queuing to order, we scanned a code, it launched the bot that allowed us to choose our drink and there was nothing left to do until we called our name to remove our drink.

Finally, the one we developed for LIITA, our dating application, allows you to register, create a profile and fill in information without having downloaded our app. It is a cross-channel onboarding which then serves us as a system of exchange and notifications with our users. It's a new way to create a link between an app and Facebook and then keep the link with our users.

For us, apps and bots are complementary.

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Adrien Gilles, Marketing Manager Botfuel

adrien gillesThe exceptional growth in the number of email application users, such as Facebook Messenger, combined with lower mobile app downloads, is driving businesses to rethink their customer engagement strategies. At Botfuel, we believe that chatbots open up opportunities to develop audience and customer knowledge taking advantage of these new channels:

Via the conversational trade: Capable of quickly identifying the needs of a client user chatbots facilitate the discovery of products in a complex catalog and accompany the client in the configuration of a service according to a need expressed in natural language.

Through automated customer support: the chatbot allows brands to conduct instant diagnostics and either to provide a response for the simplest requests, or, for more complex cases, to send a request already qualified by the chatbot to a human.

Via the analytics: chatbots generate a large volume of customer data. The analysis of the conversation tunnels, the demands expressed by the users, the feeling and the topics and keywords make it possible to better anticipate the customers' behaviors as well as their expectations.

To reinvigorate its sports betting offer, the FDJ launched with Botfuel its "Bot Parions Sport POS" allowing users to view and configure their bets on Messenger. This conversational business chatbot is already a big hit with FDJ customers.

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Thomas Sabatier, CEO, The Chatbot Factory

thomas sabatierMobile uses change and influence us in our relationship to the world around us. An increasingly connected world where customization becomes the norm.

Driven by the rise of messaging, chatbots represent a new form of interface that makes the graphical interfaces obsolete. this revolutionary algorithmic interface humanises the machine by endowing it with cognitive abilities and bringing them closer to their users.

On the brand side, the stakes are numerous. The customer relationship must evolve, until it is reinvented. The codes change. Uses as well as consumer expectations are growing. But in this new far-west, many opportunities emerge. In terms of services, support, availability, customization and more broadly experience.

In this context, we are delighted to have accompanied Auchan in the design and development of a chatbot Messenger able to advise a user on food / wine pairings. The goal of the deployment of this conversational robot was to bring service where the human is absent. Beyond the innovative character, the chatbot brings value in a key moment of the shopping journey of a customer (physical or e-store) by guaranteeing an intuitive, simple, fast and immediate experience.

Auchan wine advisor>

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The future of chatbots

Before closing, let's talk a bit about the future of chatbot (Messenger or others), we are really at the beginning … with the progress of the next few years in artificial intelligence, no doubt that these conversational agents will make part of our everyday life.

We talked a lot about chatbot via Messenger, but it's quite possible to have a voice chatbot. Until now it is quite easy to recognize these of a human but according to a large number of experts, the technologies are moving so quickly that in a few years it will be impossible to separate the machine from the human. Read this LA Times article to convince yourself.

Another evolution is the dialogue between chatbot and other virtual agents. So far a chatbot responds to a user by following a very framed scenario. With the technological evolutions in Artificial Intelligence, the different agents will be able to dialogue with each other to carry out much more complex actions. Until one day they will not need us anymore 🙂 On this subject, have you read the article on artificial intelligence Facebook that created its own language?

And you, how do you see the future of chatbots?