How much is an Instagram publication worth?

This is the question that many marketing and communication professionals have asked themselves. In particular, partnership managers and press officers. The financial value of a social publication like Instagram is very complicated to estimate. Especially if you have no point of comparison. However, this is the question that Influencer MarketingHub wanted to answer by developing a "generator" to estimate the cost of an Instagram publication according to the profile

The latter calculates an average of the cost of an Instagram publication according to each profile. This is logical in itself, because not all members have the same community size, but also the same commitment rate. Indeed, it can be quite easy with a few hundred euros to inflate its community. Tens of thousands of Instagram subscribers, it slams, but behind it must also engage. And this is the hardest …

Instagram Money Calculator, from its name, is based on the commitment (likes and comments) of the last 12 publications as well as the number of subscribers. By returning only the nickname used on Instagram, the generator calculates the value of a publication very quickly by indicating a price band. Here is a concrete example with my personal account:

With an average of $ 28 for a publication, I will not go far. But my case does not matter, here is another example with a celebrity like Selena Gomez who is very followed on the social network:

If the generator can be used as an indication, the negotiation is surely quite different between a brand and an influencer. A few weeks ago, an influence marketing solution unveiled the price of a publication shared by Beyonce: about 1 million euros. This is amazing and must coincide on the whole of a partnership. As a comparison, a Snapchat filter is selling between 350K and 750K dollars for 24 hours worldwide (30 000 € for France)!

This tool is timely, because last week we showed you the test done by Instagram regarding the branded content with the mention of "paid publication" on the posts.

To use the Instagram Money Calculator: here.