How are the contents of your Instagram Explorer selected?

The Explore section of Instagram is an extremely powerful tool. Showing your photos and videos in this part of the app is a very effective way to give visibility to your content. But then how does it work and why is it so important?

Section To explore which is at the bottom of the interface ofInstagram, on the second tab shaped magnifying glass, is different for all users. It is mainly based on photos and videos that you liked but also those of people and brands that you follow. Thus, when your subscribers like your publications, it may appear in the section To explore of their subscribers. The more your posts receive interactions (likes, comments, shares), the more likely they are to cause a viral effect.

Why is it important to appear on this topic?

Appearing in this app section will not only help you get more interactions on your posts. It will also help you build brand awareness, as it will help you reach new audiences or potential customers if it's a brand. Indeed, thealgorithm which constitutes this page rests entirely on the centers of interest of each individual.

We must think the heading To explore ofInstagram as a marketing funnel: First, you get brand awareness by appearing in it, then you catch the attention of users with content they choose or not to click to learn more.

How does the Instagram "Explore" section work?

There are several reasons why a photo or video may appear in this section: based on the posts you have recorded, people you've followed, photos you've liked, or the accounts you're interacting with.

In order to better control the operation ofTo explore, we will explain, in 6 steps, the most important things to understand about Instagram.

Step # 1: Track good subscribers

When you connect to Instagram, the content you see in the section To explore will be determined by what other people in your network consume. This means that you need to know what your potential targets are looking for when browsing their news feeds, which people are watching most of your audience, and what types of content they post.

Step 2: Instagram Live

More than 250 million people use the Instagram Stories each month. Since live video broadcasting is emerging as a popular method for sharing experiences, it makes sense to integrate this communication lever to generate more interactions with your subscribers.

Become an Influencer on Instagram

Instagram puts forward besides the best live broadcasts on the heading To explore.

Step 3: Use place identification stickers and hashtags

The stickers identification of places and hashtags are among the most useful tools. They make it easier to make your content discoverable By people who are not subscribed to your account. It is sufficient if the person types the hastag or location that you have identified in the search bar to fall on your publication.

Step 4: post the right content at the right time

Regardless of the social network, the main requirement for success is to publish high quality content. The timing publication is, however, extremely important. It is advisable to post your photos and videos on Instagram from 18h at 7:30 p.m. during the week and 11h in the morning on weekends.

Step 5: Interact and engage your subscribers

To increase your chances of appearing in the rubric To explore ofInstagram, you must invest in your content production to maximize the engagement of Internet users. These interactions will also help you build a community and build loyalty.

For example, ask your subscribers to double-click on your posts to quickly like a photo or use your captions to ask a question. You can also ask your followers to identify their friends in comments to boost your content.

Step 6: Exploit the potential of influence marketing

Finally, you can simply identify influencers or brands in your publications to amplify your reach. It's usually a good idea to create connections with the people your followers are paying attention to. These will give an immediate boost to your publication to solidify your presence on the social network.

With so many opportunities to access the section To explore you may soon be able to find your content on this page.