FAST TRACK … for fast financing of Tunisian start-ups

Tunisian startups are facing great difficulties to make the first fundraising, essential to start their business. Indeed, some financial institutions of the place, unsuited to this type of investment, slow down and discourage even any entrepreneurial initiative.

IntilaQ, innovation and investment hub and national leader in financing technology startups, decided to take matters into their own hands by proposing an innovative financing mechanism for start-up startups. The initiative is called "IntilaQ Fast Track".

In other words, the program aims to shorten the process of the first fundraising, usually time-consuming, to a period not exceeding one month, allowing entrepreneurs to focus more on the issues inherent in their business, know product development, recruitment, marketing …

The selected candidates will participate in a 3-day bootcamp during which they will be accompanied on the most important components for a start-up in "early stage": the product, the market, the competition and the marketing / sales.

At the end of the bootcamp and during the "Demo Day", the candidates will pit their project before the members of the IntilaQ Investment Committee in order to win an investment ticket of up to three hundred thousand dinars.

The Fast Track mechanism is strongly inspired by the investment logic of Business Angels in "Startup Friendly" countries such as the United States – these latter do not need a business-plan of one hundred pages to make decisions. investment. They just evaluate the following key elements: founding team, product, market and competition.

"At IntilaQ, we saw the difficulties startups face in their first fundraising, which led us to think of an alternative that would shorten the suffering of our young entrepreneurs," said Bassam Bouguerra, Executive Director of IntilaQ. "This program supports our start-up support policy on the most critical phases of their lives and where there is a gap in terms of financing, namely the" early stage "and the" growth stage ", added Mr. Bouguerra.

The timeline of the program is as follows:

  • Call for applications: from 07 to 20 January 2019;
  • Screening of applications: from 21 to 25 January 2019;
  • Preselection for the bootcamp of 12 candidates: January 26, 2019;
  • The bootcamp: from 1st as of February 3, 2019;
  • The "Demo Day": February 4, 2019,
  • Announcement of the 5 winning candidates: February 08, 2019
  • The signature of the shareholders' agreements: February 11, 2019.

The first winner will have a ticket of 300,000 dinars, the second two a ticket of 200,000 dinars each and the other two a ticket of 150,000 dinars each.

Applications are accepted on the following link: /

For more information, contact:
T: +216 71 858 410

About IntilaQ
IntilaQ is an innovation and investment hub founded at the end of 2014 by Qatar Friendship Fund & Microsoft and whose mission is to boost the ecosystem of technological startups in Tunisia. IntilaQ's intervention is illustrated on two levels:

  • The first part is the direct support of the startups via a 360 ° support offer covering the following aspects: Financing (up to 1 MTD), technical support, business consulting, support on recruitment and improvement of the visibility of startups to through media partners (PR boost).
  • The second intervention impacts the ecosystem as a whole (student developers, developers, startups, researchers …) with training and events around the latest technological trends. This activity is essentially aimed at democratizing the use of certain technologies, upgrading Tunisian developers and identifying new business opportunities.

IntilaQ already counts among its main achievements:

  • The financing of 26 startups (13 MDT of investment) on 60 accompanied startups;
  • The training of 700 students / developers on average per year.