Facebook launches training program on digital marketing Abidjan

Abidjan, Facebook launched, Thursday, Abidjan, a program "boost your business" to train small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to digital marketing.

Baptis "Boost with Facebook", this program aims to enable the meeting of entrepreneurs to equip them with digital means to boost their online activities.

This training, completely free and supported by Facebook, will take place in practically every country in the French-speaking world with SMEs.

Representing the Minister of the Digital Economy and the Post Office, Cabinet Director Modibo Samak De fl icts Facebook for its confidence in Côte d'Ivoire by launching this innovative program.

"The state has no vocation to do everything alone, it has resolutely committed to establish a digital space that necessarily leads to a free market, and gives pride of place to the private sector by addressing Facebook to the extent that its action is an appreciable contribution to the development of the digital economy and the increased use of ICTs for the economic development of our people, for the creation of wealth and employment, "he stressed.

This training is addressed, not only trainers, but also more than 2,000 Ivorian SMEs and will be held over 20 months in cities in the country including Abidjan and Bouak.

This presentation of the "Boost with Facebook" program for French-speaking Africa is organized by Facebook, in collaboration with Kinaya Ventures, a Dakar and Abidjan-based innovation platform that links promising start-ups to large companies and investors by encouraging open innovation in French-speaking Africa. .
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