F1 – News – Netflix Drive To Survive series has been a real boost for F1 | F1 News 24/7

Netflix's Formula 1 "Drive to Survive" documentary, shot backstage during the 2018 season, is a huge success that could change the way broadcasters engage with audiences.

The 10-part series, run in conjunction with Formula 1 and covering the 2018 championship, was broadcast shortly before the opening round of the 2019 season which was held in Melbourne, Australia last week.

Shot without the cooperation of the reigning world champion Mercedes, as well as Scuderia Ferrari, the series focuses on grid-middle teams such as the American Haas team.

"I think it's a phenomenal success from my point of view. " said Ben Pincus, head of Heineken, one of the main sponsors of Formula 1.

"It's fascinating to see how you can tell a story without really highlighting the action on the track, and a story that, in some ways, is more compelling and more appealing to the less" hard "fans. "

"I think it has been a great success … it should make people think differently about how they broadcast, how they engage with the public. "

"It can make you think of things you might take for granted that would be really interesting and appealing to others. "

Red Bull Racing Marketing Director Oliver Hughes said 90% of the people on the plane to Melbourne watched the series during the flight.

He added that Red Bull, who played a leading role at the announcement of the departure of Daniel Ricciardo, had given the Netflix cameras great access and would be even more welcoming for a second season in preparation.

"We participated with very open eyes and great confidence. " said Hughes. "We think this year we will be even more attentive than last season. "

"We gave enough access to be credible, but we could have given more. I think the teams that gave the most, especially in the middle of the grid, provided a really interesting story. "