End of the game for Joon, the hybrid subsidiary of Air France

On January 10, 2019, Air France announced a gradual reinstatement of the hybrid subsidiary, which began commercial operations on December 1, 2017, but with an unclear marketing positioning.

As you might expect, it's already the end of the short life of Joon, the subsidiary "mid low cost-mid classical" ofAir France, which began its flights on December 1, 2017. "After many exchanges with employees and customers, and discussions with unions, we decided to launch a project on the future of the brand. Joon and the integration of employees and aircraft Joon withinAir France", said the French company in a statement, with a very convoluted wording.

The rumor of the end of Joon had been running for months in the corridors of Air France, especially since Benjamin Smith, CEO of Air France-KLM, had said "he did not understand the positioning and identity of Joon ". This statement echoed that of another airline leader, Willie Walsh, executive director of IAG. "I'm not sure what Air France is doing," he said at the launch of the first flights of the French company. "Despite the undeniable positive impact of Joon, especially the remarkable work of the Joon teams who launched and support the company, the brand has from the beginning been difficult to understand by customers, by employees, by markets, by investors" , acknowledged Air France in a statement.

Joon was born during the presidency of Jean-Marc Janaillac, after many months of negotiations with Air France employees. And, while in the framework of the old project "Boost", everyone expected that Air France gives birth to a low cost airline pure hard, it is finally a hybrid positioning that had been adopted , with aircraft supplied by Air France handed over to Joon, but with PNCs recruited from abroad and paid 40% less than those of Air France. But the marketing positioning targeting "millenial" customers had been mocked even in the Anglo-Saxon press, brocading the "white sneakers" of the PNC.

Joon will therefore gradually reinstate its 600 hostesses and stewards and all the flights sold or still on sale will be insured until the completion of the recovery project. At the same time, the 17 aircraft in the Joon fleet (13 A320s and four A330s) will return to the Air France fleet.