[EC1to1] How Sarenza boosted the …

The online sales specialist for shoes Sarenza has been working since December 2018 with the young tricolor Notify, to limit the churn of its customer base. The solution developed and launched two years ago by the company allows its business customers to send their messages to Internet users at the right time. To determine this, Notify has forged partnerships with over 350 media sites, which provide it with data on more than 2.5 billion points of contact recorded each month in France by 22 million different Internet users on these platforms. "Consumers do not buy shoes online every day, however, many of them regularly check news sites, which allows us to know when they are available to receive a newsletter for example", says the CEO of Notify Franck Lhuerre. Objective: to boost the rate of opening of the messages (81% of these contents are never opened by the consumers according to a report published in 2017 by Experian), the traffic and in fine the rate of conversion.

To achieve this, Notify first confronts the data provided by the media sites on the last 30 days with the customer databases of companies, to define the consumer segment that will be concerned by its analysis, generally between 50 and 85 % of the total base of the client company. Notify then connects its API to the software of its customers, in this case Adobe for Sarenza, then we board in real time the relevant data in the software, to enable the marketing teams of these companies to know when to draw their campaigns of e- mailing, their push notifications and even their calls for call centers.

Web traffic from the countryside is up 61%

Results for Sarenza: "after a certain number of unsuccessful reminders, we have rules that force us to stop sending reminders to consumers who do not open their e-mails for example, which are therefore coming out of our addressable client database. Notify allows us to grow this addressable database and therefore our business potential, "says Caroline Hill, the director of operations of Monoprix online, which works on Sarenza, bought by the group in 2017. By sending these messages at the right time, the opening rate of Sarenza's e-mail campaigns has increased by 51% compared to campaigns carried out without this tool. Traffic from these campaigns grew by 61% and the conversion rate by 24%. "Over the next three years, thanks to comparisons made with our other customers in the fashion and beauty sector, we will provide 21% more customers in Sarenza in 2020, 25% in 2021 and 28% in 2022. .

For this solution to make sense from an economic point of view, it is necessary at least that the company counts 180 000 or 200 000 customers, so that the base reconciled with the data on the Internet users of Notify concerns at least 100 000 consumers . The start-up charges its services a penny a month and per active user.