Deploy a marketing campaign with an email signature

Every day, 1.4 billion emails are sent to France. Email can be used as an effective means of communication. That's what Boost My Mail, an online publisher of email signature creation, compatible with Outlook and Gmail.

A single administrator can generate in just a few clicks an automatic email signature for all of his employees. The solution allows relaying communication campaigns in the format of banner mail in the signature. Ideal for making email signatures a leverage for webmarketing conversion and customer acquisition. Here are some tips for deploying a marketing campaign via your email signatures.

Customize and standardize your email signatures

With an average opening rate of 86%, email daily has nothing to envy to emailing campaigns. Email communication remains one of the most effective and personalized strategies, especially in BtoB communication.

A mail signature serves the professionalism of a company, so do not neglect it. The signature template must be personalized to the corporate colors and identical for each member of the company at the same time. It's a simple way to self-promote your business and invite your prospects to discover your website or follow you on social networks.

Make employees the ambassadors of the brand

To associate an advertising banner with the signature mail of its collaborators is not a very regular practice in the companies. Yet, today we see a return on investment very powerful.

Sébastien Hardy, head of the Nantes agency Actual Systèmes, hardware wholesaler, talks about the advantage of deploying the solution:

"Whereas before we broadcast a newsletter per week, now we relay our news in banner format in the signatures emails of our sales. Indeed, we realized that the majority of emailings sent ended up in the trash or spam. While an email sent by one of our sales representatives is necessarily open. We have 13 sales people who send between 50 and 100 emails a day to customers or prospects. As they can not address all the topics of the moment, the mail banners relay news that potentially interest their recipients. The most common themes are current promotions, news, and product launches. Usually on our promotional offers, we have a significant volume of clicks, which is between 150 and 200 clicks. The best-performing campaign we broadcast was on the launch of a new RGPD product. The campaign generated more than 900 clicks.

Prepare an editorial plan for email banners and measure performance

Regularly updating a banner in a mail signature is a positive indicator of your company's ability to be active in its communication relationship with a prospect, a customer or a partner. It is necessary to alternate the themes of the banners. For example, it is possible to integrate:

  • A promotional offer
  • A new product
  • Participation in an event
  • Promoting an article from your blog on business expertise
  • The relay of an article of an influencer or a media that speaks about your company
  • Promotion of your social networks

Once the banner is created, simply download it to Boost My Mail and assign it to the desired users.

To customize your campaigns and make them even more successful, you need to measure them and AB Tester. The solution Boost My Mail provides a tracking tool to track the statistics of banners broadcast.

A complete and easy solution to set up

The implementation of the solution is very easy and requires no technical knowledge. Boost My Mail is for neophytes, and installs in 15 minutes … Choose a signature template, integrate your logo and choose the elements you want to appear in the signature (name, surname, function, phone number, website, social networks, etc.). Once you've set up your signature template, you just have to embed a banner and assign your users. Once all the elements have been integrated, go to the statistics tab to view the volume of banner clicks and the deployment of email signatures.

In use, we particularly appreciate the design of the platform very well thought out. The UX is also a real success … The choice of signature models is vast, which makes it possible to answer all the needs. Tracking and analytics, again everything is very well thought out and allows to have a real data vision of its campaigns, even on low volumes of mailings. Finally, in the case of employees working for several brands within the same company, Boost My Mail allows to associate several signatures to the same employee.

To try the free online solution for 14 days, visit this link.

This article was written as part of a partnership with Boost My Mail

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