CV: the colors to adopt, depending on your sector

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Opt for a colorful resume! This is the advice of Pauline Lahary, founder of MyCVFactory, a company that offers to redo your resume or cover letter. Without going so far as to send a colorful resume and fall into the fault of taste, the color will undoubtedly help to catch the eye of the recruiter.

But beware: not just any color for any industry. According to this specialist, the colors reveal your personality and your ambitions. A bright red will not say the same thing about you as a pale green. Therefore, choose a color that "matches" with your personality but also to the area you are targeting. Here are some tips from MyCVFactory to choose the right color and maximize your chances of getting an interview:

# The serious red

Contrary to what one might think, red is a good color for a resume. He inspires energy, rigor, passion. The red will be suitable for the fields of finance, banking. A simple red will come to highlight titles and names.

The +: a bright red with a light gray, for your titles and your name.

# The seductive rose

The rose must be bright. It must give a boost to your resume. A very pale pink or too "girly" would serve you. With its historical symbolism, the rose touches the relationship to others, seduction and optimism. It will be relevant for the business of events, animation, communication.

The +: Pauline Lahary advises a pink type "milk-grenadine" rather than "milk-strawberry".

# The green green

Green is naturally used for jobs related to ecology but not only! Decoration or furnishing are all areas where it will be well perceived. It should not be predominant, nor too dull not to interfere with the recruiter's reading.

The +: combine an apple green with cream tones, brown or taupe!

# The greedy yellow

Joy, happiness and joy. The yellow sends good waves (provided not to attack the eyes of the recruiter). This color also has the virtue of giving hunger, so favor it if you apply in restaurants, foodtech or tourism.

The +: a bright yellow and orange to be 100% readable to print.

# Orange toned

Use sparingly, the orange will brighten your resume. Like yellow, orange inspires joy, but also confidence and team spirit. It will be suitable for applications in gastronomy, marketing and advertising.

The +: a pastel orange for titles and key information.

# The discreet brown

The brown can be the font of your entire CV or you can book it to highlight – with discretion – a box.

The +: couple brown with other shades of brown, as well as with orange.

# The spring violet

Combine modern and serious. Purple is fresh, symbolizes renewal and spring. It will be perfect for summer jobs, especially florists, clothing or textiles. It will also be suitable for professions of culture or even religious.

The +: combine violet with light colors: white, sky blue, light pink.

# The passe-partout blue

If you can not choose one of the previous colors, know that blue is the safe bet. This matte color can be used on all types of CV, for all types of trades. It will convey the image of an enterprising, kind and positive candidate.

The +: Twitter blue, combined with a fine anthracite gray!