collect customer data to boost sales

Powa Technologies: Reap customer data to boost sales

Develop a data collection and analysis strategy to better understand its customers … and sell: this is the challenge for marketing players. Powa Technologies relies on mobile.

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Data, sales boosters! But, how to collect this valuable information, tool targeting the real needs of customers? Powa Technologies, a British company specializing in new technologies, takes over the theme of "continuous trade" and offers brands a multichannel distribution environment – the web-based e-commerce platform, PowaWeb, to the application to secure payments made from mobiles and tablets, PowaTag, born a little over a year ago. The principle of this "sales channel": collect and analyze data from transactions made from many media – Printed tags or audio, beacons – small Bluetooth tags – or, still social networks.

Today, in shopping malls, almost all customers have their Smartphone at their fingertips, says Dan Wagner, expert in the distribution sector and founder of Powa Technologies. It's an amazing opportunity to interact with them. Signs that will propose new ways to interact in store, via a smartphone, will catch the attention of connected consumers and collect valuable data on their behavior"he adds.

Customer profiling and offer customization

Thus, PowaTag also provides retailers with detailed information about each customer – from age to frequency of purchase – and every transaction – location, purchase path. These data are then collected in real time on a dashboard. Result: customer profiling and the development ofpersonalized promotions offers.

Number of sales generated by each advertisement in a newspaper, by each poster in a bus shelter, or by a radio or TV spot: for brands, the application also allows real-time measurement of conversion rates, and the return on investment – therefore – marketing campaigns. More than 800 world-renowned brands, including Carrefour and Universal Music, have already adopted PowaTag in recent months.

Signs can no longer afford to sell without knowing the needs of each of their customers, whether in stores or online. PowaTag will allow them to collect the data they need to make their strategy more efficient. " explains Dan Wagner. And the benefits proclaimed by society are numerous: the transformation and adaptation of the store experience thanks to the proximity tags or, again, the absence of credit card data stored on the user's terminal.

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