Boost My Mail: the all-in-one solution to manage your mail signatures!

On February 14, BoostMyMail was officially launched. With a share capital of € 100k, this subsidiary of the A5Sys Group enables companies and organizations to transform the signature mail into a real asset (marketing, communication, commercial …).

BoostMyMail was born from a simple observation. Because the life of a company is punctuated by changes (moving, new graphic charter, integration of a person, change of function, partnership with an event, etc.), the update of a mail signature proves to be tedious in the long run.

Beyond the frustrations, the mismanagement of the feet of mails (non homogeneous visual identity, bad address, maintenance of a promotional banner for an event completed for months, etc.) impacts the perception of the recipients. And thus contributes to degrading the image of the organization.

A simple and flexible tool

Via BoostMyMail, companies and organizations of all profiles will be able to solve these difficulties and their negative effects. Compatible with various email platforms, ergonomic and easy to use, this tool allows centralized management of email signatures.

Thus, from BoostMyMail, the marketing or communication managers of a structure will be able to create homogeneous signature models, which will automatically integrate into the employees' messaging.

Second major interest, they will also have the opportunity to drive themselves the dissemination of event banners, adapting them to campaigns, news of the company, geographic locations, etc.

A lever of added value too often neglected

While the email signature remains an underutilized marketing tool, BoostMyMail invites you to give it back its place. And to exploit its potentialities, synonyms of advances to each "floor" of the company:

  • better image coherence and more effective event campaigns at the communication level
  • additional sales leverage for sales forces
  • saves time for users
  • simplified practices and serenity for CIOs
  • make every employee an ambassador of his brand
  • etc.

Earnings and potential not to be overlooked, when we know that a French executive consults on average nearly 40 emails a day.

About : 

founder: Arnaud Guillet
Creation: 2018
The head office : Nantes
Activity: Marketing & Communication Solution
Staff: 7 employees