Boost My Mail: a simple and complete solution to manage and centralize the mail signatures of a company

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Managing email signatures across a project or enterprise can quickly become complex. The main professional e-mail services (Outlook and Gmail) handle the creation and management of signatures very badly. To overcome this, you can use Boost My Mail, or tool that can manage multiple signatures with ease, but also analyze their performance. Overview of the possibilities offered by the tool.

Create a signature in 2 clicks

Boost My Mail allows you to create a signature simply, without any knowledge of integration or HTML. Just click on the signature tab in the Dashboard. You then have access to an editor extremely well thought out and easy to use. You have the choice of fields to fill: logo, first name, name, post, email, mobile, address, website … You can also fill your social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus.

You can choose 3 different templates that can organize the information according to your desires, and you can choose from 6 different colors template. The models are simple but very well designed and will suit any type of business. The editor allows you to create a personalized signature in 2 minutes. This template system is ideal, it allows to standardize the communication and the image of the company. This makes it possible to generate and centralize elaborate signatures without any knowledge of design or integration.

If you do not like a template, and if you want custom templates, you can ask Boost My Mail to create them (for Premium plans only).

Create banners for your email signatures

It can be very interesting to illustrate a highlight of a business, or a promotion with a banner mail. Each department of the company can even use different banners according to the message to pass to its interlocutors. Here again, Boost My Mail makes it possible to manage and harmonize the mail banners of the whole company.

Banner creation is just a few clicks away: just upload a photo in a horizontal format, add a banner name, a link to which to post the traffic and the publication dates. Once the email address linked to a signature previously created, it is finished. It all takes just 2 or 3 minutes.

You can obviously create several banners, these appear in the dashboard. They are programmable, and you can attach them to this or that email address. With Boost My Mail you can manage your communications synchronously and centrally for all employees.

Not yet available, Boost My Mail will soon deploy a monitoring of KPIs integration banners. Specifically, by tracking campaigns via a Google Analytics tag, you will have all the performance and conversions displayed on the dashboard.

A clear and easy-to-use tool

Boost My Mail is a very well designed tool, and thought for the user. The interface is clean and very clear, we do not get lost in menus and sub-menus complex. Specifically, the grip is done in just minutes.

The tool has a real interest for many companies: the SME that has no means or time to manage its signature integrations, the large group that wants to centralize image and email communication of its employees.

In use Boost My Mail is easy to use and responds to many issues. The graphic identity particularly licked does not spoil anything … In terms of integrations to different mail clients, the platform is compatible with Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, Outlook. You can also sync your Azure AD user directories or your G Suite directory.

The integration of banner signatures on Outlook is relatively simple via an installer.

Rates for all needs

As far as prices are concerned, Boost My Mail is an inexpensive solution. Several pricing are available. The cheapest offer starts at € 0.50 per month per user and allows centralization and management of signatures. For € 1 per user per month, you have access to unlimited sign-up deployment, a signature template gallery, banner management, and unlimited banner deployment. To have access to signature tracking, you will have to go through a tailor-made plan.

You can enjoy unlimited free access for 14 days. To try the tool, go to this link.

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